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Zhuhai JPE Distributed Rooftop PV Power Plant, China

Zhuhai JPE Distributed Rooftop PV Power Plant

Project Background:
Zhuhai Urban Construction JPE Rooftop PV Power Plant is built in Zhuhai area which is humid and typhoon-prone. It is applied on the distributed commercial rooftop, with total installed capacity of 8MW.

Aiming at industrial roofs with different dispersion and directions, in order to guarantee the generating capacity of whole power plant , adopting multiple MPPT tracking centralized-distributed inverter solution is adopted, each 1 MW PV power generation system combining with centralizeddistributed 44~48 channels MPPT controller, which can improve the system generating capacity by 2%~5%.

Significance & Value:
"Decentralized tracking, centralized interconnection" centralized-distributed inverter solutions have both advantages in multiple-channel MPPT tracking and power generation increasing of string inverters, and in high-quality electric energy of large inverter, ensuring the generating capacity of rooftop power plant in the plant and reducing electric cost.

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