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Wise-I Modular Data Center

Wise-I Modular Data Center

Wise-I modular data center solution chooses the micro module as one unit, consist of power distribution, cabinet, air conditioning, monitoring, wiring, firefighting and so on. The whole system features with prefabrication in the factory, easy installation on site and fast delivery.

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Excellent Design

Power Supply System

Key component redundancy design for even more safeguards,

Power supply system has multiple power output modes and is with highly reliability with flexible configuration.

Cooling system

Uses CFD thermal simulation technology to optimize air flow and improve cooling reliability,

Air conditioning compressor is installed on the outside to reduce noise and vibrations and is suitable for further installation distances to ensure server stability and reliability.

Cabinet Cooling Channel System

The fire warning sunroof automatically opens to satisfy fire safety protocols,

Ÿ   The sunroof is explosion-proof to prevent injuries.

High Reliability Solution and Plan

Ÿ   Supports N+1/2N, ensures stable operation of IT equipment,

Ÿ   Passed various stringent tests such as factory-grade pressure resistance, anti-shock and other lab tests to ensure equipment reliability.

Efficient Deployment

Single module units for standardized system building; can be quickly copied and deployed as needed,

Integrated power supply and UPS cabinet reduces space usage and installation time by 50%,

The cooling channel system utilizes a frame design, and can be installed as needed while reducing construction time,

Multiple components support hot-swapping and capacity can be scaled as required.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Integrated Monitoring:

Integrated management of the various subsystems can be implemented with local and remote viewing using the monitoring platform which makes operation and maintenance much more convenient,

Multiple layers of warning and warning masking can be configured and permission management specifications can be set which brings a better user experience.

Automatic Inspection:

Sequential and recurring inspection can be set according to a set route so that traditional manual inspection is no longer required.


High Efficiency Design

Closed cooling channel design greatly reduces energy consumption; single module PUE as low as 1.5,

Lots of airflow option; exclusive cabinet-grade closed components, flexible heat dissipation solutions for different layouts and power.

High Efficiency Equipment

Uses EC variable-frequency drive to save energy and improve system efficiency;

Modularized uninterruptible power supply with energy efficiency reaching up to 96% with ECO mode, module sleep, etc.

Low Start Up Investment Costs

Deployment as needed; satisfies client growth requirements and reduces start up investment costs.


Main Parameters

Smart Cloud Modularized Data Center


W×D×H (mm)


No. of Cabinets


Single Cabinet Power

Average of 2~4kW, supports > 10kW

Installation Method

Independent cooling channel frame installation, supports flat ground of static ground plate   installation

Base Frame

250mm high, slightly adjustable

Power Supply System

N+1, 2N

Access Control

Automatic sliding glass door, rotating push-pull glass door, mesh door, fingerprint reader, IC  card,



LED sensor light, flip glass sunroof, fire system linkage  control


Rated Capacity

All-in-one UPS cabinet, 120kVA, independent UPS; supports over  200kVA

Frequency Range


Input Voltage

80~280Vac (3φ4W+PE)

Input Power Factor


Output Power Factor


Input THDi


Power Supply Cabinet


PC/CD grade; configured according to the actual  UPS

Power Supply

Cooling system, lighting, access control, IT cabinet PDU power source, maximum of 24 channels  ×2


Voltage and current, switch state, current power, active power, power level, busbar  temperature


Supports main circuit over and under voltage warning, over current warning, abnormal frequency warning, single-channel power failure warning, unbalanced phase warning,  etc.


Implemented Standards

IEC 60297-1, GB/T 19520.1

Battery Cabinet

Backup Time

15min, 30min optional

No. of Batteries

A single cabinet can hold 32 100AH batteries; 4 layers of 8 in each  layer

Battery Monitoring

Supports monitoring of internal resistance, voltage, and temperature of each battery depending   on

actual UPS configuration

In-row Cooling

System Cooling Capacity


Sensible Heat Ratio





Human-device Interface

10 inch touch screen and tablet optional


Temperature sensors, smoke detectors, cameras, light and sound alarms, SMS warning, water leakage detection

Monitoring Host

1U rack, supports UPS, air cooling system, battery, and power supply cabinet monitoring; supports temperature, smoke detection, input/output and other environment  monitoring;Supports dual network ports, USB data export; supports 32G SD card expansion storage, integrated networking, access control system, video system, monitoring and dual channel power supply expansion

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