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  • Ethiopia Railway
    Ethiopia Railway

    Ethiopia Railway project starts from Addis Ababa (capital of Ethiopian) to Djibouti, with a length of 740 km. Railway project applied in harsh environmental conditions, Kehua provide FR-UK series UPS solutions to provide effective protection for the safe operation of Ethiopian railway control systems. The high reliability and performance acquire customers' favors.

  • Beijing Metro
    Beijing Metro

        Beijing Metro adopts Kehua highly reliable power solutions including over 100 sets of UPS for the Beijing Subway Yizhuang Line, Daxing Line, Fangshan Line, Line 8, Line 10, Line 15 and other lines, to secure the power supply of its communication system and AFC systems.

  • Beijing Capital Airport, T3 Terminal
    Beijing Capital Airport, T3 Terminal

    Beijing Capital Airport, T3 Terminal is the largest single terminal in the world. To ensure the operation of the terminal, Kehua develops dozens sets of outdoor UPS system for T3 terminal power distribution station, provide a reliable power supply to airport parking guide system, CCTV and network systems. The airport adopts Kehua FR-UK series UPS system to provide the power protection for its crit...

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