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  • Utility Scale PV Power Plant Solution
  • Distributed PV Power Plant Solution
  • Energy Storage Solution
  • Off-grid PV Power Solution
    Off-grid PV Power Solution

    ● Micro-grid solution for areas with no/weak electricity ● Some remote areas that are not connected to the power grid due to small population or distance from main power line, usually require their own power grids. The usage of renewable energy and micro-grid technology in these situations is a great solution. ● Solar energy, wind energy, hydro power, fuel energy, or other types of power generatio...

  • EV Charging System Solution
    EV Charging System Solution

    In combination with its traditional energy foundation and cloud infrastructure platform, KEHUA builds quality charging stations, model projects for micro-grid charging system of energy storage and develops supporting facilities for enterprises of new energy vehicles. KEHUA innovates the business mode, improves the business layout, connects the organic ecosystem of various business sectors and buil...

  • Finance Industry Solution
    Finance Industry Solution

    As a leading solutions provider for financial information security and equipment protection solutions, Kehua has the most complete self-developed and self-owned high-end power supply products and solutions in the industry. Kehua provides the KR series high-frequency UPS, FR-UK series mains power UPS, MR series modularized UPS, customized power sources and a rich selection of other high-end power s...

  • Transportation Industry Solution
    Transportation Industry Solution

    As an advocate and promoter for transportation power protection and energy efficiency solutions, Kehua’s main systems include Integrated Supervisory Control System (ISCS), Building Automation System (BAS), Equipment Monitoring & Control System (EMCS), Power Supervision Control And Data Acquisition (PSCADA), weak power supply system, subway fire emergency power system, dual-power feedback syste...

  • Petrochemical Industry Solution
    Petrochemical Industry Solution

    Oil and gas operations are being challenged by poor electricity grid and various harsh environments. In order to protect the power of critical power systems such oil pumps, water pumps, control valve and emergency systems (including emergency lighting or fire protection system). Kehua offers a complete electrical solution based on voltage and frequency converters and online, double conversion UPS s...

  • Industry Solution
    Industry Solution

    In the field of industrial power supply, Kehua has developed and released the industrial-grade FR-UK PG series UPS, FR-UK31 DL series UPS, KR33 series UPS, nuclear island class E1 UPS, offshore UPS, emergency power EPS, industrial-grade DC power DC-BANK system, DC screen KHGZDW series, industrial energy management, and other power solutions using self-developed and patented technology as core prod...

  • Electric Power Industry Solution
    Electric Power Industry Solution

    In the field of Electric Power Supply, Kehua has developed and released the DL31 series UPS, DLG series UPS, smart integrated system KHDY series, and the micro monitoring high frequency switching DC power supply KHGZDW series using self-developed and patented technology as core product solutions. Power product and solutions are generally used in power facilities such as power plants, hydro-power s...

  • Public Power Solution
    Public Power Solution

    In Public Power Sector, Kehua’s integrated power protection and energy saving solutions have already been widely applied in major projects and venues for government and public agencies and provide power protection and power automated control systems such as communication transmission, lighting, news TV live broadcasting, data storage, security monitoring, medical emergency, traffic command, financ...

  • Telecom Industry Solution
    Telecom Industry Solution

    The Telecom Industry is a solid business area of Kehua Hengsheng. As the “Top 50 of Comprehensive Communication Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises”, Kehua Hengsheng has accumulated rich experience in the implementation of communication/ telecom system projects, and established good cooperative relations with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, etc... Kehua is designated as the major UPS su...

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