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Residential Energy Storage Solution

Home use energy storage system refers to the combination of inverters, storage battery groups and other energy storage components to implement an uninterruptible power supply system for home loads that combines renewable energy and implements load shifting to improve power quality and brings economy benefits while reducing the electricity bill.

Recommended products: SPH3600-BL, SPH5000-B;

Application: home, villas, and other residential applications;

Solution features:

Ÿ Small in volume, simple and flexible system installation, short construction time, low investment costs;

Ÿ Emergency power supply, load shifting, improved power supply quality;

Ÿ Increased electrical safety level.

Application mode:

Ÿ Integrated PV and storage, self-developed and self-use, surplus power is released to the grid;

Ÿ Remote monitoring with smartphone or tablet, automatic power grid switching, highly automated operation;

Ÿ Low noise and low radiation system operation.

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