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Renewable Energy
  • Utility Scale PV Power Plant Solution
  • Distributed PV Power Plant Solution
  • Energy Storage Solution
  • Off-grid PV Power Solution
    Off-grid PV Power Solution

    ● Micro-grid solution for areas with no/weak electricity ● Some remote areas that are not connected to the power grid due to small population or distance from main power line, usually require their own power grids. The usage of renewable energy and micro-grid technology in these situations is a great solution. ● Solar energy, wind energy, hydro power, fuel energy, or other types of power generatio...

  • EV Charging System Solution
    EV Charging System Solution

    In combination with its traditional energy foundation and cloud infrastructure platform, KEHUA builds quality charging stations, model projects for micro-grid charging system of energy storage and develops supporting facilities for enterprises of new energy vehicles. KEHUA innovates the business mode, improves the business layout, connects the organic ecosystem of various business sectors and buil...

  • Frequency and Voltage Modulation System Solution
    Frequency and Voltage Modulation System Solution

    l Large fluctuations in frequency and voltage in local power grids occur when steel mills, glass factories, and other applications require large bursts of electric power. This usually leads to an unstable power grid which affects the stability of other electrical equipment. In these situations, the addition of an energy storage system to the power grid can satisfy the requirement for quick respons...

  • Desert and Plain PV Power Plant Solution
    Desert and Plain PV Power Plant Solution

    ● In barren and smooth plains, and in wide spread out places with no elevations and shadows, there is a certain amount of guarantee for PV module arrangement consistency which is beneficial to the establishment of large-scale power stations. Thanks to advantages such as extremely high cost effectiveness, high reliability and high quality electric power, the container central inverter solution has ...

  • Wind and Solar Curtailment Solution
    Wind and Solar Curtailment Solution

    l Since renewable energy generation is only possible at certain times and is volatile and unpredictable, its large-scale inclusion will introduce adjustment difficulties to power grids and large-scale wind and solar curtailment problems can also occur. The addition of energy storage solution to renewable energy generation solves this problem. By storing the unused energy and releasing it back...

  • Complex Terrain PV Power Plant Solution
    Complex Terrain PV Power Plant Solution

    ● For complex terrain with lots of elevation differences such as hillsides and hills, there may be shadows cast by peaks or high buildings. The output consistency of photovoltaic modules in these situations cannot be guaranteed and the amount of power generated will be greatly affected. Therefore, the use of inverters with multiple channel MPPT function is essential. ● For high capacity power stat...

  • Commercial Energy Storage Solution
    Commercial Energy Storage Solution

    ● For companies, factories, commercial offices, charging stations and other places that use large amounts of electric power and have large load fluctuations or other places with large electric price differences between peak and regular usage, the installation of an energy storage system will have a major impact. The energy storage system can perform load shifting according to high and low electric...

  • Fishery & Agriculture PV Supplementation Solution
    Fishery & Agriculture PV Supplementation Solution

    ● For fishing industry applications, the main feature is the high humidity which places high requirements on electrical system protection. Anti-PID components and inverters with anti-PID function are required. ● PV power stations developed in combination with agricultural greenhouses and crop cultivation have the features of intensive land use and is perfect for realizing complementary advantages ...

  • Residential Energy Storage Solution
    Residential Energy Storage Solution

    ● Home use energy storage system refers to the combination of inverters, storage battery groups and other energy storage components to implement an uninterruptible power supply system for home loads that combines renewable energy and implements load shifting to improve power quality and brings economy benefits while reducing the electricity bill. ● Recommended products: SPH3600-BL, SPH5000-B; ● Ap...

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