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  • Transformer-based UPS, 300-600kVA UPS
    Transformer-based UPS KR33T Series (300-600kVA)
    3 Phase Online Transformer-based IGBT UPS ●High efficiency up to 95% ●Wide input voltage range ●Galvanic isolation ●High overload capacity ●IGBT-based rectifier technology
  • 48 VDC Inverter (1-5kVA)
    48 VDC Inverter (1-5kVA)
    48 VDC Inverter (1-5kVA) DJN series inverters adapt to telecom systems with 48VDC power supply, adopting high efficiency SPWM inversion technology. DJN series inverter can be connected to teleprinter, telegraph terminal, wireless paging equipment, data switching exchange, local exchange, microwave communication equipment, program-controlled exchange charging system, fax machine and all kinds of AC instrument, computer equipment and various communication equipment. Meanwhile, DJN-K Series inverter "on ECO mode" can be used for air conditioner, such as 3KVA for 1.5P and 5KVA inverter for 3P air conditioner.
  • Lithium Battery UPS
    Lithium Battery KR-RM Li Series (1-3kVA)
    Online Double Conversion Lithium Battery UPS (1-3kVA) KR-RM Li Series, online transformer-less UPS with internal Lithium-ion Battery. As the development of battery technology going on, Lithium-ion Battery, with its high-power density and longer service life, becomes more popular in nowadays applications.
  • Transformer-free UPS
    Transformer-free UPS KR11-J Plus Series(1-10kVA)
    Single Phase Online Transformer-free UPS (Rack Type) (1-10kVA) The KR smart high frequency online UPS uses full digital control technology and the latest high frequency converter technology and has high efficiency, high power factor and other advantages. It has significant energy savings and greatly reduces operation costs. It has integrated functions such as AC regulation, backup power supply, surge protection, and other functions to provide protection to equipment in harsh power grid environments and provide clean, safe, and stable power to loads.
  • Transformer-free UPS KR-RM Series (10-20kVA)
    Transformer-free UPS KR-RM Series (10-20kVA)
    Online Transformer-free UPS Rack/Tower Type (10-20kVA) The KR-RM series is the best solution for protecting data centers, IT networks, telecommunications systems, automation control systems and promised afford stable and reliable power supply for the critical load. The KR-RM series is available 10-15-20 kVA models with three phase\single phase input and three phase \single phases output.
  • Transformer-free UPS
    Transformer-free UPS KR33 Series (10-200kVA)
    3 Phase Online Transformer-free UPS (10-200kVA) The KEHUA KR33 series 3-Phase in, 3-Phase out UPS uses advanced 3 level inverter technology and digital technology for full interconnection and has advantages such high efficiency, high power density and occupies only a small amount of floor space. It provides safe, stable, clean, and environmentally friendly power to loads and can provide safe and reliable comprehensive protection to data centers, IT server rooms, precision instruments and others.
  • Modular UPS , 50-600kVA UPS
    Modular UPS MR33 Series (50-600kVA)
    Online Transformer-free Modular UPS (50-600kVA) The Kehua MR33 series modularized 3-Phase in, 3-Phase out UPS utilizes advanced 3 level inverter technology, a more reliable redundancy design from the entire system down to the components, and digital technology interconnection. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high power density, easy scaling, scaling on demand, and occupies only a small amount of floor area and provides safe, reliable, and clear environmentally friendly power to loads.
  • Transformer-based UPS FR-UK33 Series (10-600kVA)
    Transformer-based UPS FR-UK33 Series (10-600kVA)
    3 Phase Online Transformer-based UPS (10-600kVA) The KEHUA FR-UK series medium/high power UPS uses the industry’s tried and tested phase-controlled rectification technology and power components and inverter module with excellent performance, as well as smart multi-mode battery management technology and a variety of power management software along with a reinforced combination cabinet structure to provide high quality and highly reliable uninterruptible sine wave power to loads and is cost effective and has a good user base.
  • Transformer-free UPS
    Transformer-free KR33 BM Series (300-800kVA)
    3 Phase Online Transformer-free UPS (300-800kVA) The KEHUA high frequency IGBT rectifier uses 3 level dual-converter online technology, IGBT, and DSP (digital processing processors). The KR(/B)33-BM series ensures high quality electricity is provided to any data processing or industrial load and is particular applicable to the protection of important key loads. VFISS 11 (voltage, frequency independent) complies with IEC EN 62040-3. The design of this series uses a new configuration which includes replacing the traditional SCR rectifier with a IGBT rectifier which ensures sinusoidal input current. At the same time, the 300kVA and above compatible isolation converter enables complete electrical isolation between output and input and completely prevents any disturbance to the load equipment brought about by power grid abnormalities of the input.
    Tags : IGBT Efficiency
  • Single Phase Rack Automatic Transfer Switch (10-32A/2-6kVA)
    Single Phase Rack Automatic Transfer Switch (10-32A/2-6kVA)
    Automatic Transfer Switch ● Isolated dual AC input ● Accurate synchronization ● Flexible control panel location (Front or Rear); ● It ensures the high MTBF and the system reliability of inverter system or UPS system
  • High Voltage DC UPS ZL Series 240VDC
    High Voltage DC UPS ZL Series 240VDC
    High Voltage DC UPS 240VDC High Voltage DC UPS (HVDC) is widely used in Telecom Industry where many DC loads require DC power backup. With the help of HVDC UPS, the efficiency is up to 95%, or to even higher level.
    Tags : DC HVDC

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