Strive for a Higher-quality Service System! Kehua Authorized ANIRO as the After-sales Service Provider in Poland


On August 13, Kehua signed a partnership service agreement with ANIRO SP Z o.o of Poland, stating that ANIRO will be Kehua’s authorized service provider in Poland, providing quick-response, efficient, reliable, and professional after-sales service for Polish users.


"Kehua always insists on providing customers with high-quality products and services. The realization of localization of Polish services is an important milestone for market development as well as strategic implementation," says Angel Lee, Kehua Renewable Energy European Director. Kehua has more than 30 years of industry experience, and as the world's leading intelligent energy solution provider, Kehua not only provides products but also devotes itself to providing users with all-round, full-cycle and one-stop high-quality services, enabling users to fully experience the benefits and convenience of Kehua's products and solutions. ANIRO is an authorized service provider in Poland with more than 30 years of technical service experience. It will provide Polish customers with 100% fully covered, localized, and more efficient one-stop professional services.


As a technical service enterprise with more than 30 years experience in Poland, ANIRO is well-known in the field of power engineering technology services in Poland, with a professional technical team and a well-developed service system. "Products and services are inseparable, and high-quality products deserve a high-quality service system, allowing users to enjoy our products and services," says Grzegorz Ruminski, CEO of ANIRO, continuing: "Kehua's high requirement for the localized service system shows its recognition of ANIRO, and we believe that this will be a win-win cooperation for our common development."


With the cooperation of the authorized service provider, Kehua will further provide manufacturer-level product quality and service control in the Polish market and contributes to the combination and mutual promotion of product quality and life cycle services. According to Poland's decarbonization plan, it is estimated that its installed photovoltaic capacity will reach 15 GW in 2025. Kehua will continue to deepen the new energy business in Poland and will use its 33 years' technical experience and highly reliable product solutions to help Poland to reach its decarbonization targets.


About Kehua

Established in 1988, KEHUA is a world-leading power conversion expert, with the commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions in Critical Power, Renewables Energy, and Could Infrastructure. Kehua was crowned as the world No.9 PV inverter supplier in 2020 (Source: IHS Markit), the world No.8 storage inverter supplier in 2020 (Source: IHS Markit) and ranked 5th in market share for modular UPS (Source: Omdia 2020).

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