Perfect Ending of SENC 2021! KEHUA was Interviewed by PV TECH


On 5th June, PV TECH gave KEHUA TECH an interview about range of renewable energy solutions and products on display. Qianqian Ma, strategic marketing manager, explained the strategic importance of renewables and walks them through the company’s product selection this year.


As PV TECH mentioned in their interview report, “KEHUA TECH, a PV + ESS solution expert founded in 1988, has placed significant importance on the company’s renewables division as part of a wider diversified product strategy.”


KEHUA has brought a series of new PV+ESS products and solutions at SNEC 2021 which gained wide attention, especially the newly-launched 1500V SPI350K-B-H string inverter with the highest power in the world. And the new generation of residential energy storage system——SPH5000-BH-S also attracted many visitors for its design concept of trend and investable feature. Moreover, KEHUA full series of residential, C&I and utility PV+ESS products and solutions aroused interests of the visitors.  



Established in 1988 and went public in 2010, KEHUA is a world-leading power conversion expert, with the commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions in Critical Power, Renewables Energy and Could Infrastructure. Business involves UPS, solar inverter, energy storage, IDC construction and O&M. KEHUA has been listed in the Global TOP500 New Energy Enterprise for 6 consecutive years and was crowed 8th in world Energy Storage Market Share (Source: IHS MARKIT).

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