KEHUA Wise Li Series Lithium Battery Solution Boosts the Digital Economy


As the digital economy has become the growth engine of the global economy, the requirements of all walks of life for data center area and power are growing increasingly. Finance is one of the leading industries in the development of data centers, and thus it has a higher demand for data centers with high security, high stability and high performance.


It means that, more reliable and refined IT infrastructure has become a rigid demand in the industry.  


As the main backup power supply, lead-acid batteries have dominated the market for a long period of time. As we all know, lead-acid batteries have long plagued the development of the industry due to its disadvantages such as short cycle life, large land occupation, high load-bearing requirements for the machine room, etc.


Based on more than 30 years of experience in power safety management of the information-based system and the maintenance practice in over 1 million sets of equipment and systems, combined with the technical advantages of Lithium battery and the characteristics of the financial industry, KEHUA has launched a dedicated lithium iron phosphate backup source/energy storage solution for the financial industry —— KEHUA Wise Li lithium battery UPS system. The Wise Li series perfectly combines UPS with lithium batteries, and is well received in the market by its advantages including space saving, peak valley cycle, intelligent O&M , safe and reliable, energy saving and environment-friendly.


How to solve the problem of backup power in the construction of intelligent bank outlets?


- Development evolution of intelligent bank outlets:

Intelligent bank outlets are an important component of the overall strategy of intelligent banks, and the end embodiment of the intelligent banks. When the combination of physical outlets and virtual services brings customers flexible experience, hardware facilities are developing to be intelligent, lightweight and flexible.


- Challenges:

· The traditional lead-acid batteries are of high requirements for load-bearing capacity and footprint, which occupies the space for the machines in the machine room and indirectly increases the requirement for the machine room area;

· Hour-level rapid deployment, decouple equipment and building quickly, rapid batch delivery;

· Cost control, without any impact on business continuity;


- Solutions:

To meet the demand of China Merchants Bank for rapid deployment of intelligent bank outlets, KEHUA provides a backup power solution, an integrated lithium battery cabinet system that features in high power density, small footprint, light weight and high quality. The hour-level deployment speed covers the shortage of planning and building and supports the quick business building of its branches and efficient large-scale model replication.


Similarly, KEHUA integrated lithium battery cabinet system also have successfully saved 50% footprint for the equipment room of China Construction Bank so as to solve the problems of insufficient equipment space and insufficient backup power time of lead-acid battery in the deployment of equipment room with a 4-hour backup power solution.

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