Data Center Empowering FinTech, KEHUA Debuting at the BDIE 2021


On April 22, 2021, the 6th Asia-Pacific Bank Digital Innovation Expo (BDIE 2021) was held in Shanghai. As an outstanding representative of the data center industry, KEHUA was invited to attend the expo. It, together with experts and scholars from academia, the banking sector, and other fields, discussed how to help more banking enterprises optimize their strategic layout, reduce the cost of traditional financial services, and solve the pain points of traditional finance through big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technologies.


According to the Exploratory Survey on the Digital Transformation of Commercial Banks in China jointly released by the National Internet Finance Association of China and the Liaowang Institute of Xinhua News Agency, most commercial banks in China have entered the stage of digital development. 41% of them take digital transformation as the "top leadership project ", 75% are developing or have formulated a bank-wide digital transformation plan, and more than 70% have started to recruit digital talents, establish a unified big data platform for the whole bank, build a platform to integrate financial and pan-financial scenarios and improve online channel and interactive experience.


Digital transformation has become a common social consensus. The COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation of FinTech, which is of great significance for high-quality development of finance. The financial industry, more than any other, is dependent on the growth of data centers because of the need for financial institutions to store and analyze the mass data generated by their customers all the time.  In the face of fast-growing financial data and information, financial institutions cannot do without data centers for data backup and disaster recovery of data.


On the same day of the expo, Ouyang Jiangtao, General Manager of KEHUA in East China, delivered a keynote speech titled "Data Center Expediting FinTech 3.0". According to his speech, the financial informatization construction in China is constantly advancing, the financial big data innovation system is constantly improving, the data center infrastructure construction known as the "heart" of the financial industry is booming, all roles in the data center market industry chain of the financial industry are complete, the positioning division is clear, and the financial industry is gradually pushed into a new era of digital finance based on data centers. As a service provider of the bottom-level infrastructure architecture in the financial industry, KEHUA provides solutions such as data center construction, EPC, data center leasing meeting the financial industry standards, micro-module data center, and container data center for the banking, insurance, and securities industries.


At the awards ceremony on the same day of the expo, KEHUA was awarded the prize of "Outstanding Provider of Financial Industry Solutions" by the organizer of the event. This award indicates that KEHUA's solutions such as data center construction, cabinet leasing, and micro-module have been widely recognized by banks and even the financial industry.


Shanghai Kezhong Data Center is a typical self-built project of KEHUA. It is a high-end data center that meets the positioning needs of financial institutions. It is designed as a whole as per the highest specifications of the industry and is equipped with the most professional service team. At present, it has been favored by many domestic and foreign financial enterprises. In addition, the data center has obtained relevant certificates that meet the requirements of financial institutions, such as Class A data center level certificate, three-level protection certificate of information system security, ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, ISO 20000 information technology service management system certificate, ISO 27001 information security management system certificate, ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate, and ISO 22301 business continuity management system certificate.


With the rapid development of mobile Internet and 5G applications, both financial technology and scientific and technological finance are accelerating the industrial transformation. In the era of FinTech 3.0, KEHUA will build higher-quality data center infrastructure solutions through continuous technological innovation to help build a new era of digital finance in the financial field.

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