Congratulations! Kehua Listed among "2020 Top Ten Influential Brands in China's Charging Pile Industry"


  Kehua, a leading enterprise in new energy vehicle charging industry in China, announced that it has won the "2020 Top Ten Influential Brands in China's Charging Pile Industry" in the "6th China International EV Charging & Swapping Battery Industry Forum 2020". This forum has attracted top experts and scholars, and dozens of elite enterprises in the charging industry to discuss topics such as "new infrastructure leading the new wave". 


  During this forum, Ms. Liping Yang, regional director of Kehua EV Division, shared a presentation Discussion on Safety and Operation of Public Charging, which drew wide attention.


  The data from the National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles show that the stationary, driving and charging states after full charge are the main factors causing fire accidents. In this regard, Kehua, based on both software and hardware, develops "on-demand selection" according to application scenarios and provides overall solutions.


Kehua public charging safety and O&M solution

Fire compartment design

  In terms of solutions, Kehua, based on the design concept of "fire compartment", completes designs in strict accordance with professional fire protection standards, to achieve scientific planning and ensure safety. Kehua is capable of providing comprehensive solutions for safety problems related to charging, ensuring that preventive measures are sufficient to prevent fire.

Intelligent analysis on fire alarm

  In terms of asset management software, real-time data can be scheduled and monitored to ensure the safety of transformers. The charging safety information can be detected in real time, and any abnormality timely reported and stored according to the abnormal level.

Relay-free switching technology

  Kehua has independent patent LLC (resonant soft switching) technology. The LLC uses relay-free switching technology. This ensures that the output power is free of interruption, eliminating the arcing risk when the relay is shut off.


Nuclear-grade full dip-coating process, providing nuclear island-level protection

  By virtue of its unique technical advantage (i.e., nuclear-grade full dip-coating process), Kehua can provide nuclear island-level protection for equipment, ensuring that the equipment can operate stably under conditions of high-level salt spray, high humidity and high temperature.


Intelligent O&M

  With an automatic address recognition function, Kehua charging module realizes plug and play, which makes O&M easier.

  The use of innovative pull-out dustproof and maintenance design makes sure that the maintenance of charging pile can be completed in 5 min, which not only improves the charging experience of car owners, but also minimizes the O&M costs and increases the benefits of merchants.

The life prediction mechanism for key devices is also provided to predict service life and realize intelligent early warning.


About Kehua

  In the field of new energy vehicle charging, Kehua product solutions have been successfully applied to various charging pile projects, including Guangdong Power Grid "Solar + Storage+ EV Charging" DC Microgrid Demonstration Project, Capital Airport, Shanghai Transportation Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Bus, Xiamen Bus, Yunnan Expressway, ORANGE ENERGY, Vanke Real Estate, and CURA. Kehua is committed to providing customers (such as government operators, private operators, real estate developers, and automobile enterprises) with "one-stop turnkey" projects and professional EV infrastructure and system solutions.

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