Efficient! Reliable! Kehua Inverter Wins High Praise of the Expert Group


"In this selection, we adopted the relevant testing data, implementation process and standards of third-party organizations such as CGC, and also conducted a full investigation on power station development enterprises. We are unanimous that Kehua Inverter performs predominately in product design, quality and reliability, and it deserves the Most Influential Photovoltaic Inverter Enterprise - Armor Award of High Efficiency and Reliability." Yin Yeze, chief reporter of Solarbe agreed with that.


On March 3, the 2020 "Solar Energy Cup" New Year's Sharing Meeting was held in Suzhou. At the "Solar Energy Cup" award ceremony, Kehua won the Most Influential Photovoltaic Inverter Enterprise - Armor Award of High Efficiency and Reliability jointly issued by Solarbe and CGC for its excellent quality such as high safety, reliability, efficiency and intelligence.


With 33 years' technological experience, products such as inverters and converters help Kehua increase system power generation, save investment cost and operation and maintenance cost by virtue of the nuclear power grade reliable quality, and create higher value for customers. With anti-corrosion, lightning protection and long-life design, those products can be adapted to extreme environments such as high temperature, high humidity, high salt fog and extreme cold, and can be efficiently adapted to prevailing model components, including high-power and high-current components, with a maximum efficiency of 99.03%.


On the basis of a full range of inverter products with independent intellectual property rights, Kehua provides customers with 3kW-250kW photovoltaic series inverter series solutions and 500kW-6.25MW centralized inverter series solutions.


Kehua photovoltaic products are widely supported and approved by customers at home and abroad in the application of large-scale ground power stations, leader projects, fair-price bidding projects and distributed power stations. As a global supplier of excellent intelligent energy integrated services, Kehua will join hands with you to create a greener and lower-carbon future.

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