KEHUA Micro-grid Power Solution in Mules Island, Indonesia


KEHUA micro-grid power solution in Mules Island Indonesia2.jpg

KEHUA micro-grid power solution is adopted in Mules Island, Indonesia. 
The micro-grid system mainly consists of 4 energy storage converters (BCS100K-A), 1 on/off grid switching cabinet ( STS200K), 20 string inverters (SPI20K-B), and monitoring cabinet (EMS200K). 

The system is installed in a local power station, automatically generating electricity from solar energy. The electricity is provided for 400 households in a village. After the commission in August 2019, the system solves the power shortage problem and reduces fuel consumptiona, from which it avoids the trouble of transportation fuel from other islands and brings great convenience to the daily life of the villagers.

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