The First Voice of Energy Storage in 2019-Kehua Will Provide PCS in the First 720MWh Battery Energy Storage Demonstration Project in China


Recently, Kehua will provide PCS to the 720MWh energy storage station in Gansu. The large scale station is the first battery energy storage test and demonstration project in China.

Recent years, the large number of abandon energy has become an inevitable problem in the renewable energy field. In the north-west region, the abandon energy become a more and more serious problem because of the number of large-scale PV stations and wind power station. Gansu is located in the center of the grid system of north-west region, the limit of transmission capacity and the increasing difficult of peak saving not only cause the waste of renewable energy source, but also reduce the revenue of State Grid and power generation enterprises.

Energy storage is one of the important ways to solve these problems. Kehua, as the supplier of renewable energy solution and integrated energy service, is one of the key providers of PCS in this project.

In this large-scale energy storage system of area gird, the developers have paid a lot of attention in the quality and performance of PCS. During the test, Kehua’s PCS has owned the praise with its excellent performance: 4 units of PCS can be operated in parallel, parallel to the test voltage source through P/Q mode and achieve four-quadrant power output. Through the VSG technology, Kehua PCS could achieve parallel with voltage source, the on-grid power under control and cold staring.

The wide applications of central and distributed energy storage bring more and more possible to the field of energy. In China, the energy storage industry has taken its first step to the commercial application. As the global top 500 renewable energy company, Kehua is the main supplier of PCS in the cascade application energy storage demonstration project of battery decommissioned from Guangzhou Baitu Substation, the first 1st 100mw high voltage side distributed energy storage project of STATE GRID, the Hunan 120mwh grid-side ESS project, etc.

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