AGAIN! Kehua Took the 120MWh Grid-Side ESS Project in Hunan Province


Kehua just won the bid of 120MWh grid-side distributed energy storage project in Hunan. In Hunan, the power security is still difficult because of its unreasonable power industry structure - 40% are hydropower,  80% of which has no regulation capability. The per capita power installed capacity in Hunan is only half of the national per capita installed capacity. The construction of the network is also relatively weak.

10 sets of Kehua energy storage & step-up transformer container systems will deliver to this key grid-side energy storage project in Hunan. As a key grid-side energy storage project in Hunan, the system realizes the grid-side peak shaving, effectively solve the problem of poor power grid regulation and weak construction of the distribution network, accelerates the upgrading of power gird in Hunan. This project is also one of the milestones in Chinese grid-side energy storage system.

Kehua Energy storage system with his proven technology and excellent integration capability is successfully in operation in the grid-side energy storage project in Hunan and Henan (half of the large projects in China). Kehua MW+ energy storage & step-up transformer container solution consists of energy storage converter, step-up transformer, container, measurement and control cabinet, ring main unit and intelligent monitoring system, together with the grid dispatching center and EMS system to create an intelligent and quick power conditioning system of transmission and distribution side of power gird. The container design and the turnkey solution make a vital contribution to deliver our products within a tight construction time.

About Kehua

KEHUA has experience of 30 years in power conversion and protection industry and is the market leader for solar inverters in China. KEHUA offers a wide range of products and solutions including Central PV System, Distributed PV System, off-grid system and Energy Storage System. Its products and solutions have been widely applied in commercial and industrial users from North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Mid-East, amounts to 10GW solar installation and 200MW energy storage system installation around the world.

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