Kehua PV+ESS Solution, a Power Supply Innovation for Industry Zone


With the development of technology and the change of PV policy, the ESS market becomes a new hot topic.

In recent years, Kehua keep researching the model and innovative application of PV+ESS. In the PV+ESS intelligent micro-grid project in of Ningbo industry zone, Kehua provides the integrated distributed PV micro-grid solution.

This micro grid system in this industry zone consists of distributed PV system and energy storage system, in the next 25 years, the power generation of the 218kW solar system is expected to to 5,540,000kWh. Meanwhile, this project takes advantage of idle roof in the industry zone

The energy storage system is equipped with the 250kW/326.4kWh high performance lead carbon battery (cycle life is greater than 4000 times), Kehua PCS and WiseEnergy-E intelligent micro-grid management system. In its 10 years’ service cycle life, this system keep running independently when the grid blackout, to achieve the self-control and self-management, and ensure the power supply in the industry zone.

Which benefits you can get from Kehua PV+ESS solution


In the on-grid mode, the system could realize the self-consumption and surplus power feed to utility grid. During the daytime, the PV system gives priority to the power supply to the factory, reducing the basic electricity expenses of the industry zone. The rest of electric will be sold and bring the additional income.

Peak Shaving

The energy storage system peak shaving provides charging / discharging time setting which will help to store cheaper power during the low period and use it during peak time to increase money saving. Thanks to the ESS system, the yield rate of the whole PV+ESS solution could reach to 16%. In addition, the system can also send the surplus power of PV system to the energy storage system to maximize power utilization.

Emergency Energy Backup

With the automatic detection function, the energy storage converter can quickly operate to off-grid mode when the grid blackout and work as an UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) , providing the emergency power supply, and minimizes the loss caused by power outages.

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