Kehua Reveals Leading-edge Renewable Energy Solutions at KEY 2024


Xiamen Kehua Digital Energy Tech CO., Ltd (referred as to Kehua), a highly reliable solution provider of PV and ESS, once again reaffirmed its dedication to innovation and sustainability at the prestigious KEY 2024, The Energy Transition Expo, in Rimini, Italy. 

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Showcasing the broad portfolio of innovative PV and ESS solutions, tailored to meet the growing demand for secure and efficient renewable energy across diverse applications, Kehua presented a range of products. 

For Utility

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Kehua SPI350K-B-H string inverter showed during the exhibition, known for its operational efficiency and reliability. The product is the world's largest string inverter, with 15 MPPTs, capable of fully adapting to 182/210 components. It featured several advantages such as higher efficiency, support for large array designs, complete IP66 protection with C5 corrosion resistance, and strong reliability. It is suitable for various environments, significantly meeting the market's stringent requirements for product efficiency and electricity cost.


Kehua has profound application experience in the field of large-scale energy storage. Kehua underscored its significant presence in the renewable energy sector as it successfully secured a pioneering 1.2GWh energy storage project in Northwest China, marking the largest grid-configured energy storage project globally. Leveraging its extensive experience in utility-scale projects, Kehua aims to introduce top-notch renewable energy solutions to the Italian market, in line with its commitment to promoting local sustainable development and energy transition.


For C&I 

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Kehua presented its leading C&I energy storage system, the S3-EStore, designed to seamlessly integrate power conversion system, battery management system, and energy controller for the benefit of enterprises aiming for energy independence, cost savings, and sustainable development.


In addition to energy storage solutions, Kehua also shows the SPI 25K~125K-B X2 series C&I string inverters. With a focus on safety, reliability, and efficiency, Kehua inverters offer businesses a robust solution for their energy needs. From small to large-scale C&I applications, these inverters deliver optimal performance and ensure a stable energy supply for commercial and industrial settings. 


For Residential 

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Kehua iStoragE series all-in-one hybrid inverter is the home energy solution that showcasing at the event. It is lightweight, compact, and has received iF design accolades in addition to being named an IDEA finalist. Globally, this innovative solution has been extensively embraced.


Furthermore, Kehua was invited to the event held by EUPD Research during the exhibition. The event celebrated local installers who achieved significant achievement and provided them with opportunities to network with industry experts. Kehua was highlighted with the leading position in the renewable energy industry and superior solutions. 

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As a reliable PV and ESS solution expert, Kehua keeps an insight and market vision of the Italian market, and will continue to provide full life cycle service to help the local renewable energy industry and sustainable development. Said Ryon Huang, Lead Sales Manager of Kehua Italy Team.


Kehua Energy has been unwavering in its commitment to driving global sustainability through renewable energy solutions, recognized by BloombergNEF as a Tier 1 energy storage supplier. As a renowned authority in the solar PV and ESS industries, Kehua Energy consistently strives to deliver advanced and reliable solutions to meet the evolving needs of the sector, thus contributing significantly to a greener and cleaner energy future.


About Kehua Digital Energy

With over 35 years of experience in the power conversion industry, Kehua is a household name as a global provider of PV and ESS solutions. The company's diverse product range and extensive project experience encompass integrated energy services, photovoltaics, energy storage, microgrids, and other critical areas, extending its services to over 100 nations and regions across the globe.


To date, Kehua boasts a global installed capacity of over 31GW in PV and an energy storage capacity exceeding 6.3GW/5.4GWh, positioning itself as the world's No.4 energy storage inverter supplier according to S&P Commodity Insights in 2022. This cements Kehua's reputation as a reliable authority in PV and ESS, dedicated to the worldwide promotion of clean energy and the advocacy of a zero-carbon lifestyle. 

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