Kehua EMC Laboratory Introduction


Established in 2018, Kehua Laboratory covers an area of more than 800m² with a total investment of more than 30 million CNY, including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory, environmental simulation experiment platform, megawatt level power supply performance and reliability verification platform. The laboratory is mainly responsible for testing and verification of various types of power supply products.

The Main Equipment of EMC lab, such as 10m Anechoic Chamber, full EMC test system, composite antenna, artificial power network, and electromagnetic field immunity test equipment etc.

The door of this 10m anechoic chamber is 3.9m*3.9m, and the turntable is 4 meters in diameter, bearing 4 tons. The chamber equipped with power supply and load power which achieve MW level, is the laboratory with the largest test power in the industry. Its shielded efficiency can achieve T level, NSA<±3.5dB, sVSWR<5dB and FU<5dB. The test projects include radiated emission and conduction emission. Our test capability can fulfill IEC, CISPR, FCC and national electromagnetic compatibility standard requirements.

-EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) testing system: The most advanced R&S receiver in this industry, Schwarzbeck composite antenna and imported equipment such as artificial power network is adopted to test electromagnetic radiation interference and conducted interference of various civil electronic and electrical equipment.

-EMS (Electro Magnetic Susceptibility) testing system: It adopts the advanced electrostatic discharge generator in the industry, the electrical fast transient pulse group immunity test system, and the surge (impact) immunity testing system, which can simulate various types of interference that may be encountered in the actual use of the equipment.

       The EMC laboratory has been put into use already and adopts all kinds of imported test antennas, radiation immunity test system and conduction immunity test system, which can meet the electromagnetic compatibility test of military and civilian products at the same time.

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