37MW Solar Power Plant Powered by Kehua Goes Online in Poland


A 37MW solar power plant, equipped with Kehua inverters, has successfully connected to the grid in Poland. The project is invested by Tauron, one of the largest businesses in the Polish energy sector. 

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Project Information

Location: Mysłowice, Poland

Scenario: reclaimed furnace waste landfill

Capacity: 37MW

Product: Kehua SPI 250K-B-H inverters


The 37 MW solar power plant is expected to generate 39,000 MWh of green energy annually, meeting the electricity needs of around 16,000 households. This amount of power is also sufficient to meet the annual energy needs of a city with 50,000 residents. Furthermore, the ecological impact of the project is significant, with solar production expected to reduce up to 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 


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The project is located in a remote suburb of Mysłowice, where humid summers and cold winters pose a challenge to the PV system. Kehua's research led to the use of an inverter solution with IP66 protection, which prevents corrosion from water vapor and protects the internal electronics. Moreover, the inverters are designed with internal heating. All these initiatives ensure the product's adaptability to high humidity and extreme cold environments.


This fruition is attributed to Kehua's 35 years of experience in power electronics projects and their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. As a close partner of Kehua in Poland, Solfinity team was also instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. Thanks to the efficient collaboration between Solfinity and Kehua, this project has received positive feedback from the owner.


The successful commissioning of the 37 MW solar power plant project signifies a leap forward in local sustainable energy processes and demonstrates Kehua's commitment to innovative renewable energy solutions. With the growing global demand for clean energy, this initiative showcases the potential of solar energy in environmental sustainability and meeting evolving energy needs. Kehua looks forward to pioneering more groundbreaking solutions for a greener future. 


About Kehua Digital Energy

Having dived in the power conversion industry for 35 years, Kehua is dedicated to being the top supplier of PV and ESS solutions globally. The company offers a wide range of products and extensive project experience in integrated energy services, photovoltaics, energy storage, microgrids, and other areas. Over 100 nations and regions worldwide are served by the products and solutions.

Till 2022, Kehua's global installed capacity of PV exceeds 31GW, and its installed capacity of energy storage exceeds 6.3GW/5.4GWh. Kehua is the world's No.4 energy storage inverter supplier (S&P Commodity Insights 2022) and a Tier 1 energy storage supplier (BloombergNEF 2023). In the future, Kehua will continue to be a reliable PV and ESS expert, create clean energy, and commit to making everyone in the world live a zero-carbon life. 

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