Kehua Tech Builds Data Center for Tsinghua University's AI Laboratory


In 2023, we witnessed the explosion of AI, which is changing the way people work, live, and interact with technology. Generative AI, represented by ChatGPT, has garnered significant attention over the past year due to its remarkable progress and widespread applications.


Tsinghua Yuanqiyuan Laboratory, with its 100,000 square meters of independent research park, focus on the forefront of AI technology. Its 2nd and 3rd subsystems mainly provide a public platform for data and computation. Leveraging 35 years of technological accumulation and integrating innovative digital technology, Kehua Tech provides intelligent, green, reliable, and efficient data center solutions to assist in the construction of research infrastructure in universities.


Kehua Tech provides several sets of WiseAisle Modular Data Center Solution for this system, supporting the construction of basic data centers, and assisting in the construction of an all-in-one resource sharing service that integrates computing, storage, data, software, support technology, and service environment, to achieve intelligent computing and big data visualization.



Kehua Tech’s Solution:

1.    2N system configuration, significantly enhancing system security

2.    Cold-water system solution, offering a more energy-efficient option

3.    High-density design, greatly saving data center space utilization


Kehua Tech has been deeply involved in the power electronics industry, persisting in independent innovation and technological research and development. Relying on strong technological research and development and service capabilities, we are committed to providing high-reliability computing infrastructure services for university laboratories, building a solid foundation for smart computing in university laboratories, and assisting in the intelligent development of university laboratories.


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