Kehua Breaks Records with China's Largest Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Project Once Again


On January 15th, 2024, the 61MW/123MWh Nangang Energy Storage Power Plant Project, the largest behind-the-meter energy storage power plant in China, was successfully connected to the grid at full capacity. Kehua supplied 306 sets of 200kW modular energy storage converters for the power plant, and the power delivery on site demonstrated the high reliability of Kehua's energy storage products.

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Project Information

Capacity: 61MW/123MWh

Solution: Kehua BCS200K modular energy storage converters

Location: Nanjing, China

Kehua is the only supplier of energy storage converters for this project. The 200kW modular energy storage converter adopted in the system is characterized by high efficiency, grid friendliness and flexible configuration. It is able to fully meet the performance indexes of high safety, high efficiency, intelligent operation and easy maintenance requirement of energy storage power plants.



The Kehua 200kW modular energy storage converter features anti-islanding protection and VSG, enabling rapid response to grid failures in millisecond level. The modular converter is IP66 with C3 anti-corrosion, making it reliable for diverse outdoor environments. It also supports real-time battery detection, fire protection, and early warning for key component lifespan, enhancing overall system safety and operation and maintenance efficiency.




Kehua 200kW modular energy storage converter system runs precise power control for each modular PCS and the battery cluster connected with it, enable independent cluster operation for fully releasing the battery capacity and higher efficiency. The product also supports IEC104, IEC61850, and modbus protocols, enabling seamless communication with BMS, EMS, and grid dispatching system.



Kehua 200kW modular energy storage converter has high grid friendliness and accepts direct grid dispatch instructions. It can realize the functions of system peak adjustment, primary frequency adjustment, and short-time fluctuation suppression, which helps to improve the dispatch's ability to control the grid quickly and enhance the safe and stable operation of the grid. 

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As an innovation leader in the field of energy storage, with its high-quality products and services, Kehua has been widely favored by customers and recognized as Tier 1 energy storage supplier globally (Source: BNEF), as well as No. 1 behind-the-meter energy storage supplier in China (Source: CNESA).


The energy storage industry holds significant market development potential and offers a wide array of application scenarios. As a global leading provider of energy storage solutions, Kehua will leverage cutting-edge technology to consistently deliver high-standard, high-quality solutions and services to customers. This commitment aims to facilitate the adoption of clean energy in various applications.


About Kehua Digital Energy

Having dived in the power conversion industry for 35 years, Kehua is dedicated to being the top supplier of PV and ESS solutions globally. The company offers a wide range of products and extensive project experience in integrated energy services, photovoltaics, energy storage, microgrids, and other areas. Over 100 nations and regions worldwide are served by the products and solutions.

Till 2022, Kehua's global installed capacity of PV exceeds 31GW, and its installed capacity of energy storage exceeds 6.3GW/5.4GWh. Kehua is the world's No.4 energy storage inverter supplier (S&P Commodity Insights 2022) and a Tier 1 energy storage supplier (BloombergNEF 2023). In the future, Kehua will continue to be a reliable PV and ESS expert, create clean energy, and commit to making everyone in the world live a zero-carbon life.

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