Fruitful September! Over RMB 500 million large ESS projects and 400 MWh household ESS are taken by Kehua


Kehua received a lot of good news in September from China and overseas.

In China, Kehua won a number of large energy storage projects in succession, winning over RMB 500 million in the month:

SPIC Ningdong Base 100MW/200MWh Shared Energy Storage Power Station Demonstration Project in Ningxia

Gansu Linze 100MW/400MWh Shared Energy Storage Power Station Project

Tibet Changdu Jiangda County 8MW/40MWh PV Power Station Supporting Energy Storage Project


At the same time, Kehua's overseas division also recorded excellent results, with iStoragE series all-in-one residential storage system signing cooperation of over 20,000 sets, nearly 400MWh.

Framework agreement for the annual supply of 260MWh of residential energy storage systems in the US

Framework agreement for the annual supply of 30MWh of residential energy storage systems in Europe

Framework agreement for the annual supply of 100MWh of residential energy storage systems in Australia


The iStoragE series has gained widespread attention in overseas markets since its release. During the design process of the iStoragE series, Kehua's engineers adhered to the 3S concept of Simple, Smart and Safe, taking into account the actual usage experience in residential scenarios and providing efficient and reliable energy management solutions for home users.


The integrated look and modular design makes the machine easy to install and suitable for a wide range of scenarios. Of particular interest is our large-rate LFP battery, which features dual physical and chemical isolation and a built-in fire protection module, reducing the risk and extending the life of the battery. We have also implemented monitoring of the battery modules and individual charge and discharge management, which effectively increases the usable capacity of the batteries.

Kehua's excellent performance in both domestic and international markets is due to our technical strength. 34 years of experience in the power electronics industry has given Kehua a wealth of technical accumulation and experience in multi-scene solutions. At the same time, our good market reputation and high quality services have also gained us a lot of recognition and affirmation in the domestic and international markets.

The positive feedback from the market has greatly encouraged Kehua, and we will bring more professional services and better products to our customers in the future, contributing Kehua solutions to the world's energy transformation.

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