Kehua Tech Escorts the "Green Power" Protection of the Winter Olympics


On March 13, as the Olympic torch slowly went out, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics came to a successful conclusion.  Athletes on the Olympic field brought everyone a wonderful game.

For the power supply protection of the Winter Olympics in the Chongli competition area of Zhangjiakou City, the highly reliable energy storage system solutions produced by Kehua Tech were also silently "on duty", contributing to the power supply security of the Winter Olympics, and also contributing to the Winter Olympics "green power protection".

 "Kehua provides high-reliability energy storage system solutions for multi-scenario multi-functional mobile energy storage vehicles in response to the needs of partners, and jointly completes the power protection of the Beijing Winter Olympics Cross-Country National Ski Center, Genting Grand Hotel, and Winter Olympics Security Base, etc.  Energy supply work. Different from traditional power security tasks, this time the power supply guarantee is for the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, which have attracted worldwide attention, which is of great significance to Kehua and the country.  In the event of an accident, Kehua's energy storage system solution must respond to milliseconds and achieve seamless power supply switching. This is the key point of the project and our commitment to the Winter Olympics 'green power supply'. After continuous modification and improvement, we also handed in a satisfactory 'response' during the project testing phase." said the project leader of Kehua.

 In response to the strict requirements of the Winter Olympics project, Kehua adopted a hybrid configuration solution of energy storage and UPS to achieve dual protection, ensuring that the power protection work of the Winter Olympics is foolproof.  By deploying off-grid switching energy storage systems and UPS power protection systems, Kehua's Winter Olympics high-reliability power protection system solutions can also be applied to important load power protection, distribution network power supply capacity enhancement, temporary capacity increase power supply, distribution network  Uninterrupted operation and many other scenarios.

 It is precisely based on the multiple advantages of this solution, such as good low temperature performance, environmental protection and quietness, excellent power quality, plug-and-play, and seamless switching between on-grid and off-grid, Kehua's on-grid switching energy storage system solution has been used in small A wealth of successful practical experience has been accumulated in the application scenarios of dual demand for micro-grid and emergency power supply.  Compared with the traditional power generation scheme, the system can disconnect the system from the power grid within 10ms without additional configuration of micro-grid system control after detecting the power failure of the power grid, reducing the system investment cost and enhancing the system reliability.  In addition, the on-grid and off-grid switching energy storage system also has functions such as peak shaving, off-grid power supply, and power control.

 Although the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has come to an end, Kehua's work in the exploration of diversified energy storage technologies and the practice of multi-scenario applications has never stopped.  Kehua will continue to innovate and accelerate the process of energy storage industrialization, actively build a new power system, and embrace the advent of the era of carbon neutrality!

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