Kehua Digital Energy Joins Hands with Zhongao Tianzhao, Leading the Layout of Zero Carbon Factory Tracks


Recently, Xiamen Kehua Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kehua Digital Energy") joined hands with Shantou Zhongao Tianzhao Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Zhongao Tianzhao) to complete Shantou's first "zero-carbon factory micro grid Project" was constructed and delivered for use. This is the first "zero-carbon factory microgrid" project built by Shantou City based on Kehua Digital Energy's photovoltaic energy storage, smart micro grid and other technologies, and the use of Kehua Digital Energy's C&I energy storage micro grid solutions. The transformation of Shantou's energy structure and the process of energy conservation and carbon reduction have provided strong scientific and technological assistance.


During the construction of the project, Kehua Digital Energy, with its strong innovation, excellent quality and service, focuses on the goal of maximizing the utilization of rooftop PV power generation, and utilizes the industry-leading key technologies of energy storage systems to truly achieve green power generation and zero-carbon production.

According to the application characteristics of the project and the needs of customers, Kehua Digital Energy's industrial and commercial energy storage micro grid system solution adopts the integrated structure design of energy storage container, and integrates important components such as energy storage battery system, energy storage converter and EMS energy management system. Like a super-large "Power Bank", it mainly exerts five functions:

First of all, the system enables the power generated by the rooftop PV power generation of the factory to help it to be self-sufficient in electric power, and at the same time it can store the excess power after supporting the operation of the factory load, and release it when the photovoltaic power generation is insufficient, so as to maximize the utilization of rooftop PV power generation.

The second is to store electricity during the "valley" period of power and discharge it during the "peak" period of power to achieve peak shaving and valley filling, reduce the peak load of the power grid, and facilitate the safe operation of the power grid. In addition, it can also generate huge economic benefits and greatly reduce production costs through peak and valley electricity price arbitrage.

Third, when the mains is abnormal, the park power system runs off-grid, relying on the combined operation of the micro-grid system composed of rooftop PV power generation and energy storage to supply power to support the normal operation of important load equipment in the factory at the time of abnormal mains.

Fourth, when the production capacity of the factory is greatly affected by the power curtailment policy, the optical storage micro grid system in the factory area can share the power pressure for the factory production in the case of power curtailment, and solve the impact on production during power shortage.

At last, based on the characteristics of energy storage that can adjust reactive power, it perfectly compensates the impact of photovoltaic power generation on the power factor of the power grid in the plant area, helping the plant area to meet the grid assessment standards.

With early layout, strong technical strength and high quality, Kehua Digital Energy has opened up a vast world in the field of solar energy storage by virtue of its leading edge in energy storage inverters. 

At the same time, Kehua Digital Energy has full-scenario energy storage solutions such as power generation side, user side, and off-grid micro grid, and has rich practical experience in projects.

In terms of high reliability research and safety research, Kehua Digital Energy has both power electronics technology, big data analysis and processing technology, and a deep understanding of system solutions.

Kehua Digital Energy has the strength to ensure the high economy, high reliability and high security of the optical storage system during the entire life cycle of the optical storage system, and provide ultra-high-value solutions for end users.

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