Kehua S³ Lithium-ion Battery System Launch-Bring you into the new era of battery safety


On January 12, 2022, Kehua launched the lithium-ion battery system solution - S³ Lithium-ion battery system. Safe, smart and simple Kehua S³ Lithium battery is highly concerned by the industries and customers.


S ³ Lithium-ion battery system integrates safe, smart and simple design

S³represents safe, smart and simple

S ³ Lithium battery system perfectly inherits the control standard of Kehua's nuclear grade products, which is not only the embodiment of Kehua's UPS industry accumulation for more than 30 years, but also the embodiment of Kehua's understanding of the whole scene application. A single system can be configured with two modes of 46 degrees of electricity or 57 degrees of electricity. It adopts LFP battery cell and is equipped with Kehua power electronic control system to intelligently control power conversion, so as to fully meet the needs of different applications, which can be well used in combination with full range of Kehua UPS


1. Electrical and physical double isolation

-Reduces the fault scope to an effective space without diffusion

-Port zero voltage, no risk of short circuit shock

2.Module fire protection, Can quickly, accurately and effectively detect and extinguish the ire source will extinguish the fire in the initial stage

3. Failure module exit automatically

-Modular parallel design, failure module exit automatically, will not

affect the system. Other modules can work normally. Improve the reliability 2.png


1. Intelligent current equalization

-Can be used with new and old batteries

-Can be used with lithium-ion batteries from different suppliers

2. Intelligent voltage equalization

-Intelligent voltage equalization module, no barrel effect

-Prolong the backup time, improve battery utilization

3. Fault recording, early warning

-Fault recording, early warning, accurate and quick fault location, reduce the OPEX cost

4. Adaptive SOC management

-Intelligent charge and discharge management, avoid over charge and over discharge

-Detects the battery internal temperature. Improve the safety and reduce the OPEX cost3.png 


1.Module design, plug and play

-5mins maintenance, reduce the OPEX cost

2.Flexible for expansion

-Module design, can expand the capacity of modules or cabinets.

-Reduce the CAPEX cost

3.Smart battery test

-Parallel design, the battery can test the capacity Separately. No need

to cut off the power supply, improve the reliability


With the common formation of the concept of "carbon peaking and carbon neutralization" around the world, the development of new energy is the general trend. Kehua has been driving energy reform with technology, S ³ system will help the development of the industry in terms of power reserve and energy storage.

·  In the data center industry, according to the global data center lithium-ion battery analysis report released by Frost&Sullivan, with the increasing application of lithium-ion batteries in the data center, it is expected that the proportion of lithium batteries will rise to 38.5% by 2025.

·  In the energy storage industry, among the energy storage projects that have been put into operation in the world in recent 20 years, the scale of lithium-ion battery in electrochemical energy storage is 13.1GW accounting for 92%.

In addition to energy storage and data center, lithium battery is also widely used in finance, telecom, transportation, education, medical etc. With the technological innovation and wide recognition of lithium battery application, the overall development will gradually enter the fast lane.

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