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  •  Monitoring and Management System
    Integrated 3D Visualization Large-scale Data Center Monitoring and Management Solution
    3D technology is utilized to simulate the actual operating environment and the power environment monitoring system, energy management system, operation and maintenance management system, asset management system and other subsystems to monitor real-time status and dynamic equipment data for large-scale data center server rooms. End-to-end visualized monitoring and management is implemented using 3D modeling.
  • Monitoring Management System
    Micro Module Data Center Monitoring Management System
    Designed with the features of quick deployment, environment friendliness, and flexible scaling, the micro module data center monitoring management system uses physical data bus and networking to link up the power, power supply, cooling, environment, security, fire, and other sub systems together to create a smart server room with integrated monitoring.
  • Data Center Monitoring System
    Power Environment Monitoring System Solution
    Kehua’s power environment monitoring system solution utilizes various communication resources in the server room to implement smart data monitoring and warnings for UPS, battery group, power supply cabinet, power meter, temperature and humidity, smoke, water leakage, access control, security and various other systems and enables fast and effective uploading to related data. The rich user-friendly graphical interface also helps staff perform overall monitoring of the server room operation status while smart SMS warning notification, real-time recording is also implemented to improve maintenance management efficiency and improve management standards.
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