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Modular UPS MR33A Series (20-240kVA)

Modular UPS MR33A Series (20-240kVA)

Online Transformer-free Modular UPS (Low Voltage) (20-240kVA)

The Kehua MR33A series modularized 3-Phase in, 3-Phase out UPS utilizes advanced 3 level inverter technology, a more reliable redundancy design from the entire system down to the components, and digital technology interconnection. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high power density, easy scaling, scaling on demand, and occupies only a small amount of floor area and provides safe, reliable, and clear environmentally friendly power to loads.

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Full Digital Connection, Flexible Online Scaling

Advanced dual DSP control technology; accurate and fast data processing; optimized circuit design; fast fault self-diagnosis and repair capabilities; higher reliability

Online capacity scaling available without the need for additional attachments to implement N+X parallel connection. The system has the parallel redundancy and parallel capacity scaling modes making application much more flexible and compatible with more parallel connections

Safe and reliable digitalized digital parallel uniform stream technology; more balanced parallel loads ensures quality power is delivered to high demanding IT equipment and ensures safe operation of user equipment

Synchronized and Unhindered, Guaranteed Safety

• Has BSC output to solve the problem of unsynchronized power input

• Pure digital technology; powerful anti-interference capabilities provides quality power to loads

High Power Density, Optimized Structural Configuration

• Large 320kVA capacity for a single cabinet; occupies only 0.5 square meters of floor space, optimized structure design greatly reduces floor space usage and land investment costs

• Has cable entry on the top of the cabinet to satisfy different scenarios

• Host and battery equipped with protective mechanisms for reliable double layered protection

• Module terminal uses carefully selected high strength material to ensure module reliability and hot swapping

Great Power Grid Adaptability

• Prevents frequent switching between power grid and battery power and extends battery life

Smart generator control gives a better generator configuration and control solution for better compatibility

Environmentally Friendly Energy Saving Design

Uses the latest IGBT rectifying technology with ultra-low input harmonics; eliminates power grid pollution, reduces power factor compensation and harmonic control costs and reduces wire attenuation. Protects the load as well as the power grid at the same time

Input power factor is close to power factor; improved energy utilization and reduced UPS front-end power distribution costs and client investment costs

Outstanding Metrics, Improved Efficiency

Overall system efficiency of up to 96% with great energy savings (heat from the UPS and cooling energy consumption), reduced operation costs

Default power factor of 1.0; greater power output for the same price; better cost effectiveness and complies with the developing trend of increasing power factor for IT products

• When the power quality from the mains grid is high, ECO mode can be used to provide power to the load. Overall system efficiency can reach up to 99% resulting in significant energy savings

Complete Protective Functions and Failure Warning

Component failure pre-warning function, nips the problem of system failure and associated risks at the bud

Smart battery disconnection detection and battery circuit abnormality warnings reduce operation and maintenance costs and risks

Highly Efficiency Rotating Module Sleeping

Module sleep technology improves operation efficiency and reduces operation costs

Maintenance cycle effectively extends battery life and improves overall system efficiency






Maximum Capacity






Power Module




3 phase 4 wires + ground

Nominal Voltage (Vac)

190/208/220 (L-L)

Voltage Range (Vac)

156~260 (L-L)

Frequency Range

50/60Hz ± 10%





Batteries (Vdc)

±192 Vdc (±180,±240V settable)



0.9 (1.0 optional)

Frequency Range

50/60Hz ± 0.2% at battery mode

Voltage Stability (Vac)

190/208/220±1%(static)/190/208/220 ±2% (load 0~100%)

Transient Recovery Time (ms)

20 (loads 0~100%)


125% loads for 10 minutes, 150% loads for 1 minute

Transfer Time (ms)



≥95% (AC-AC)


Battery Type

128×9 AH/12V/External



Communication Interface

Dry contact, RS232/RS485

SNMP Adapter (optional)



Touch screen + LED

Working Temperature ()


Relative Humidity

≤95% No condensation

Protection Degree



CE (EN 62040-2, IEC 62040-1)

Noise (dB)



Power Module


(W×D×H) (mm)


Power module weight (kg)


Cabinet Size (W×D×H)(mm)





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