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  • Wise-S Modular Data Center
    Wise-S Modular Data Center
    Wise-S modular data center solution chooses a 19-inch rack as its cabinet, integrated by power distribution module, rack type UPS, batteries, power environmental monitoring, cabling management, cooling, etc. It reduces the distance of each part, decreases the failure point number and meets the various of demand from customers.
  • Modular Data Center
    Wise-M Modular Data Center
    Wise-M modular data center adopts full closed design, integrated with power supply and distribution, cooling system, cabinet, fire protection, monitoring module and so on. It can be used to install server, KVM, routers, switches, etc.
  • modular data center solution
    Wise-I Modular Data Center
    Wise-I modular data center solution chooses the micro module as one unit, consist of power distribution, cabinet, air conditioning, monitoring, wiring, firefighting and so on. The whole system features with prefabrication in the factory, easy installation on site and fast delivery.
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  • modular data center solution
    KeCloud Micro Modular Data Center Solution
    IDC data centers are responsible for company and operator core services and are the platforms that implement value chain management. Therefore there are high standards on security, reliability and operation efficiency on these data centers. Traditional data center construction and operation and maintenance methods are unable to satisfy the developing requirements while the new modularized data centers has become an important development trend for new generation data centers. Kehua released the KeCloud micro module data center solution according to the application requirements of different clients.
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