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Low Voltage UPS

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  • Transformer-free UPS KR11 UL Series (1-5kVA)
    Transformer-free UPS KR11 UL Series (1-5kVA)
    Single Phase Low Voltage UPS (UL Certificated)(1-5kVA) We have various of rear panels for customers applied in different countries and different applications.The KR smart high frequency online UPS uses full digital control technology and the latest high frequency converter technology and has high efficiency, high power factor and other advantages. It has significant energy savings and greatly reduces operation costs.
  • Transformer-free UPS KR33A Series (10-30kVA)
    Transformer-free UPS KR33A Series (10-30kVA)
    3 Phase Low Voltage Transformer-free UPS (10-30kVA) The KEHUA KR33 series 3-Phase in, 3-Phase out UPS uses advanced 3 level inverter technology and digital technology for full interconnection. It provides safe, stable, clean, and environmentally friendly power to loads and can provide safe and reliable comprehensive protection to data centers, IT server rooms, precision instruments and others.
  • Transformer-based UPS FR-UK33A Series (10-200kVA)
    Transformer-based UPS FR-UK33A Series (10-200kVA)
    3 Phase Online Transformer-based UPS (Low Voltage) (10-200kVA) The KEHUA FR-UK series medium/high power UPS uses the industry’s tried and tested phase-controlled rectification technology and power components and inverter module with excellent performance, as well as smart multi-mode battery management technology and a variety of power management software along with a reinforced combination cabinet structure to provide high quality and highly reliable uninterruptible sine wave power to loads and is cost effective and has a good user base.
  • Modular UPS MR33A Series (20-240kVA)
    Modular UPS MR33A Series (20-240kVA)
    Online Transformer-free Modular UPS (Low Voltage) (20-240kVA) The Kehua MR33A series modularized 3-Phase in, 3-Phase out UPS utilizes advanced 3 level inverter technology, a more reliable redundancy design from the entire system down to the components, and digital technology interconnection. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high power density, easy scaling, scaling on demand, and occupies only a small amount of floor area and provides safe, reliable, and clear environmentally friendly power to loads.
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