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Kehua Publishes the New Version of KR-RM Series Transformer-less UPS

  • 2019-04-29

Our latest version transformer-less 10-20kVA UPS, 30-40kVA version will be coming soon.

When installer UPS, you might always meet different kind of accidents: not enough space, wrong on-site information, need to modify battery configuration on site, all these make you deeply troubled.

But now, the innovative Kehua KR-RM Series UPS will release you from those pains.

Let’s see what it can do:

Rack and tower design with compact size with only 3U height which could save more space.

Comparing to other similar UPS in the industry, KR-RM series UPS could achieve 50% longer overlord time. It can run for 15 mins in 130% loads, keeps protecting your equipment in an emergency.

Flexible setting design: Input output phase flexible setting with 3:3/3:1/1:1. The battery cells and charging current are settable. Meet all on-site installation situations due to its convenience configuration.

The battery is an important part of the UPS system and always a large cost. Every UPS needs its own battery pack, which means a lot of cost and floor space, what annoying!

New step of KR-RM series UPS is innovative battery-sharing technology, the common battery pack now can share in parallel UPS system.

Meanwhile, with the highest efficiency of 96% in the industry, as a device run for 24H, image how much electricity bills you could save in a year.

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