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Kehua Provided 2.4MW UPS System to Changelight Co., Ltd.

  • 2019-03-24

A 2.4MW UPS system has been successfully put into operation in Nanchang manufacturing base of Changelight Co., Ltd. This base has a total investment of 5 billion Yuan (equals to 728 million US dollar) with an area of 40 hectares and annual production capacity of 9.6 million blue-green epitaxial chips. The UPS system includes 3 pcs of 800kVA KR-BM series UPS, which is our star UPS product in 2019 and also the first super power UPS in the industry.

Kehua KR-BM series UPS can support 8 machines parallel to 6.4MW, with key technologies including but not limited to:

- T-type three-level technology

- Intelligent recording function

- Internal self-circulation simulation with load aging test technology

The operating efficiency of KR-BM series UPS reaches 97% and the ECO mode efficiency is up to 99%. Meanwhile, the following features help Kehua KR-BM series UPS adapt to all kinds of environment, making it safer and easier for our customers:

- 4 operating mode

- front installation & maintenance design

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