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KEHUA Donates 2 Million RMB to Combat Coronavirus

  • 2020-02-07

China is continuously fighting coronavirus and KEHUA is an active part of it. Kehua today announced the donation of 2 million RMB in cash to Red Cross in Xiamen and Zhangzhou. Furthermore, KEHUA will donate power supply products and solutions in accordance with requirements of fighting the epidemic.

In addition to the donation, KEHUA has been continuously taking actions since the outbreak, including taking protective measures for employees and guaranteeing the supply and service for customers, assisting various industries to fight the epidemic.

- Our medical-grade professional power equipment is supporting many medical institutions across the country.

- We are providing highly reliable power supply guarantee for nearly 30 airports, expressways and more than 100 rail transit lines covering the whole country, so as to help personnel and materials to rush to the front line in a timely manner.

- We strive to ensure the 24/7 safe and reliable operation of the five self-built cloud data centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, as well as more than 20 data centers across the country, and provide reliable cloud-based service for medical institutions, e-government, Internet Education etc during the epidemic

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