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Fishery & Agriculture PV Supplementation Solution

For fishing industry applications, the main feature is the high humidity which places high requirements on electrical system protection. Anti-PID components and inverters with anti-PID function are required.

PV power stations developed in combination with agricultural greenhouses and crop cultivation have the features of intensive land use and is perfect for realizing complementary advantages and has improved overall economic benefits. Photovoltaic components usually form part of the construction material, and laying them out in a consistent way benefits the usage of central inverters as power generation units. If the scale of the power station is relatively small (less than 2MW), then even if the components are installed in a scattered manner, string inverters can still be used as power generation units.

As for fixed mounted photovoltaic modules, a central inverter should be used as the power generation unit if there is good module installation consistency; as for floating module installations, since the waves on the water surface makes it impossible to guarantee maximum power consistency, a string inverter solution is recommended.

Features: higher protection level, higher overloading capacity, anti-PID function

Recommended fixed photovoltaic installation product for fisheries: SPI1000K-B, SPI1260K-B

Recommended floating photovoltaic installation product for fisheries: string SPI40K/50K/60K-BHV

Recommended indoor solar energy products for agriculture: SPI500K-B, SPI630K-B

Recommended outdoor products for agriculture: SPI1000K-B, SPI1260K-B, SPI40K/50K/60K-BHV (for low capacity)

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