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Finance Industry Solution

As a leading solutions provider for financial information security and equipment protection solutions, Kehua has the most complete self-developed and self-owned high-end power supply products and solutions in the industry. Kehua provides the KR series high-frequency UPS, FR-UK series mains power UPS, MR series modularized UPS, customized power sources and a rich selection of other high-end power supply products including batteries, power supply cabinets, voltage regulator cabinets, harmonic devices, lightning protection devices, and monitoring software for server rooms and branches in the finance industry. Furthermore, Kehua also provides the “smart” series data center, the complete, environmentally friendly and energy efficient cloud powered data center solution, and other comprehensive business process services.

Kehua Solutions:

Headquarter-grade Solution · Branch-grade Solution · Branch/Community Bank Solution · Modularized Data Center Solution · Integrated Monitoring and Smart Management Solution

User Value:

Safe and reliable · Environmentally friendly and energy efficient · Modularized product implementation and quick deployment · Smart monitoring system · Reduced overall costs

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