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Energy Storage Geography, the Silk Road Uzbekistan - Kehua Large Off-grid Solar Energy Storage Power Station Project

  • 2016-10-21

Located in the middle of central Asia, Uzbekistan is one of the two double landlocked countries in the world, also is the famous ancient "silk road" country. Uzbekistan has abundant natural resources, not only has rich reserves of oil, coal resources, and has a great potential for renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. In recent years, the government develops renewable and alternative energy as an important national policies, and invest a lot of money, for example, to develop the photovoltaic power generation.


Uzbekistan has great potential in renewable energy, and 97% is solar energy, 320 sunny days per year. The World Bank estimates that Uzbekistan solar total potential is more than about 51 billion tons of oil energy. It can not only save a lot of oil resources, but also improve the atmospheric environment. 

Energy innovation, off-grid photovoltaic energy storage power station

Energy innovation, off-grid photovoltaic energy storage power station

In Uzbekistan, a large oilfield, in order to ensure the safety and stability of oil production, meet the demand of key equipment and daily life electricity requirement, in January 2015, Kehua deep into users’ field, understand their problem and the core requirement, take advantage of local abundant solar energy resources, adjust measures to local conditions, to provide users a set of innovative large off-grid photovoltaic energy storage power station as a whole solution

This project is a large off-grid solar energy storage power station, located in a large oil field in the desert area, the highest temperature 40℃, the lowest temperature -30℃, harsh application conditions; The energy storage power station product technology and scheme must has the characteristics such as high reliability, high efficiency and high performance, can provide high quality of electric energy.


The power station adopts the distributed PV and battery energy storage technology, lead-acid battery system as the energy storage system, including containerized inverter, battery storage system, power distribution and control system, all designed and supplied by Kehua.

off-grid photovoltaic energy storage power station

Project system introduction

The project system load is 400Vac drilling system, maximum load is 1 MW, according to the local radiation, climatic conditions, scale capacity of 1.2 MW photovoltaic components, design generation capacity is about 3.84MWh per day; Power generation part also includes 3pcs 600kW diesel machine; Energy storage section is 1MWh lead-acid gel batteries, voltage is 384Vdc, the battery capacity is 3000Ah, battery container built-in air conditioning system. In order to facilitate the monitoring of the whole system, energy management system was designed and developed.


Kehua Large Off-grid Solar Energy Storage Power Station Project

System operation is divided into three modes:

1. PV power generation is greater than or equal to the load demand:

PV supply power, the diesel machine doesn't work, off-grid inverter power the load, PV MPPT controller charge the battery at the same time.

2. PV power is less than the load:

Stage 1: PV power and battery power the load at the same time, off-grid inverter supply standard AC power, diesel machine doesn't work.

Stage 2: low battery capacity, PV power is less than the load power, start up the diesel machine, the inverter does not work, diesel machine loading directly, PV energy and diesel machine charging device recharge the battery at the same time.  

3. Solar power off and battery capacity insufficient:

Diesel machine loading directly, and recharge energy storage battery.


Kehua Off-grid Solar Energy Storage Power Station Project

Large oilfield equipments proposed strict requirements for the system stability and reliability, and higher request of system security. Kehua rely on its highly reliable product quality, rich experience in the application cases, completed the design and supply the solution for the project. After nearly 2 years of continuous operation, the system has realized the good power supply security, good economic benefit and application value.


In conclusion, solar off-grid energy storage system can solve the electricity problem for the regions without grid power or the electricity is unstable. Kehua off-grid inverter power covering 1 kVA--600kVA for single unit, and able to extend to 2.4MW via parallel, PV MPPT controller with 48V/220V/348V/384V voltage level, and other complete power supporting equipments, enable flexible combination to be the full range solar off-grid solution, which has a wealth of large capacity energy storage system application.


In the field of energy storage, Kehua relying on independent innovation, fully consider customer demand, successfully developed a variety energy storage system, covering power generation side and the user side, solar, wind, diesel energy consist the micro grid storage solution, which can be widely used in areas without electricity, islands, border posts and the energy industry, large commercial building, data center etc.


Kehua micro-grid energy storage system

Nowadays, Kehua energy storage system has been widely used in the field of industries all over the world. For example the Tibet villages without electricity energy storage project, a printing plant in Beijing, Shenzhen POVEVIO Group EV charging station, islands in Australia, oil field in Uzbekistan, and a lot of energy innovation project in Southeast Asia, Africa, America, Kehua provide efficient and reliable green energy security.

Kehua energy storage new breakthrough for Shenzhen green travel

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