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Electric Power Industry Solution

In the field of Electric Power Supply, Kehua has developed and released the DL31 series UPS, DLG series UPS, smart integrated system KHDY series, and the micro monitoring high frequency switching DC power supply KHGZDW series using self-developed and patented technology as core product solutions. Power product and solutions are generally used in power facilities such as power plants, hydro-power stations, various substations, power distribution centers, electronic control centers, information centers, dispatch centers, large factories and mines, and rail transport environments.

Kehua Solutions:

Power Plant Power Supply Solution · Substation Power Supply Solution · Power IT Server Room Power Solution · Photovoltaic Power Plant Control Solution

User Value:

Integrated smart power system · Suitable for different AC equipment · Suitable for DC equipment with different voltages · Safe and reliable · Customized one-stop-shop service

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