Intelligent Power Management Expert

Intelligent Power Management Expert


As a leading power solution provider, KEHUA was established in 1988 and went public in 2010 (002335.SZ). KEHUA adheres to the mission of providing safe, green and smart power for everyone, and carries the vision of becoming a world-leading supplier of integrated solutions for power protection and energy conservation.

KEHUA is committed to establish an Intelligent and Comprehensive Energy Management System, with the core technology of power electronics and cutting edge technologies of AI and IoT. The system covers the three business fields of KEHUA, which are Critical Power, Renewable Energy and Cloud Service. It also supports the upgrade of various sectors including Finance, Industries, Telecom, Government, Transportation, Medical etc. With superior R&D capabilities and excellent services, KEHUA is widely recognized by users in over 100 countries and regions.

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UPS Brand in China for Continuous 22 Years


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Superior R&D Capability

Superior R&D Capability

KEHUA possesses three R&D Centers, one EMC Test Center and one UL Witness Test Data Program. KEUHA R&D team is led by four senior experts, who receive special allowances from the State Council, and is composed of over 1000 engineers. 

As one of the National Key High-tech Enterprises, KEHUA takes part in over 40 national/provincial Torch Plan Projects, engages in the establishment of more than 200 national and industrial standards and is authorized more than 1900 national patents, software copyrights and other intellectual property rights. KEHUA is also a Postdoctoral Research Station and runs the United Lab with famous universities and laboratories around the world.

With world-class facilities, KEHUA is able to conduct various test to ensure product quality, including EMC Test, Salt-spray Test, Vibration Test, High & Low Temperature Test, Anti-dust Test, Battery Cycling Lifetime Test etc. As a result, KEHUA products not only match the certificates of CE, SAA, TÜV, UL and other certificates for different markets, but also earn good reputation around the world.

World-Class Supply Chain

KEHUA owns four production bases. The total manufacturing area is nearly 3,200,000 m2 with annual production capacity of 40GW.

KEHUA world-class supply chain exhibits six characteristics.

●Quality - strict quality control leads to reliable products for high-end market.

●Cost - process orientation and management innovation lead to continuous cost reduction and cost performance improvement.

●Flexibility - optimized production line layout and operation mode to strengthen delivery capacity.

●Efficiency - job optimization, automation and information management continuously optimize processes and improve work efficiency.

●Agility - scientific planning and efficient cooperation internal and external to shorten lead time and achieve prompt delivery.

●Integration - professional team to support integrated procurement and offer better service for projects.

World-Class Supply Chain
Rigorous Quality Control

Rigorous Quality Control

In 1995, KEHUA is the first Chinese UPS brand passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification. Now KEHUA products and systems are of multiple international certifications, including ISO14001, ISO18001, HAF003 (Nuclear) certifications etc.

Throughout the supply chain, strict quality control system is adopted to guarantee the reliability of KEHUA products and services. To be specific, in the procurement process, Supplier Quality Management and Incoming Quality Check ensure the safety and quality of raw materials. 

During production, Total Quality Management, Process Quality Control, InPut Process Quality Control and ORT Outgoing Reliability Testing are utilized to ensure the quality of final product. In the delivery process, Outgoing Quality Control, Final Quality Control and Quality Tracking & Analysis are adopted to guarantee the reliability of products throughout the life cycle.


3A Professional Service

KEHUA 3A (Assured, Apropos and Active) Service System is of proven efficiency. Currently KEHUA has 80 domestic and overseas technical service outlets, with one-stop supply of spare parts to minimize rush repair and maintenance time. 

The service outlets widely spread across China, US, India, France, Poland, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia etc. In more than 100 countries around the world, over 500 professional engineers from KEUHA work at customer sites to create one outstanding project after another. 

KEHUA service team is of rich experience in power distribution solutions and product O&M, with maintenance practices of millions sets of equipment and systems. With consistent customer-orientation, KEHUA service team continuously improves service quality and optimizes user experience.

3A Professional Service

Selected Awards


No.6 in grid-connected three-phase high power (>501 kW) PV inverter supplier in Asia

(Source: IHS Markit)

No.5 in World Modular UPS Market Share

(Source: Omdia)

No.8 in World PCS Market Share

(Source: IHS Markit)

No.8 in market share in behind-the-meter energy storage market in China

(Source: CCID)

Top 100 Energy Storage Industry Chain

(Award From TUV, EESA Energy Storage Leaders Alliance)

The Best PCS Supplier Award in China's Energy Storage Industry In 2020

(Award from Organizing Committee of China International Energy Storage Conference)

The Influential Optical Storage System Integration Solution Enterprise In 2020

(Award from Polaris Solar PV Network)

Outstanding Contributions Award for The Power Supply and Distribution Industry of UPS for 20 Years

(Award from Beijing Electronics Society, China Green Data Center Promotion Alliance, and Data Center Construction+ Magazine)


Top 10 Annual UPS Enterprise Brand in 2019

(Award from Beijing Electronics Society, China Green Data Center Promotion Alliance and Data Center Construction+ Magazine)

Polaris Cup Award 2019 For Influential and Outstanding Photovoltaic Innovative Enterprise

Polaris Cup Award 2019 For Influential and Characteristic Photovoltaic Application Project Case


The Most Influential Enterprise in China's Energy Storage Industry In 2018

(Award from China Energy Storage Network)

Polaris Cup Award 2018 For Top 10 Most Popular Centralized Inverter Brands

Polaris Cup Award 2018 For Top 10 Most Popular Energy Storage Inverter Brand Suppliers


CCID Award 2017: The Fastest Growing Enterprise in China's Charging Pile Market

CCID Award 2017: Rank No.1 For the Annual Market Share of Domestic Brands in China UPS Market

CCID Award 2017: Rank No.1 For the Annual Share of Domestic Brands in China's High-End UPS Market


China Data Center Brand of Choice in 2016, Award from China Computer News

Top 10 Most Innovative Inverter Companies in China's Photovoltaic Industry in 2016

(Award from Photovoltaic Industry Network)

CCID Award 2016: Rank NO.1 for China's High-end UPS Domestic Brand in Market Share


Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises top in 2015, Award from China Energy News

CCID Award 2015 for Annual Fastest Growing Enterprise of Inverter Market in China

CCID Award 2015 for Annual Successful Enterprise of China's High-end UPS Market

CCID Award 2015 for Annual Successful Enterprise of China Green Data Center Market

CCID Award 2015 for Annual Fastest Growing Enterprise of China's New Energy Vehicle Charging Facilities


Best Service Provider in China's Photovoltaic Industry in 2014

(Award from Global Solar Photovoltaic Network)

Top 10 Influential Enterprises with Innovative Products in 2014

(Award from “Modern Photovoltaic” Magazine)


CCID Award 2013 for China's High-end UPS Market Successful Enterprise

Polaris Cup Award 2013 for TOP 10 The Most Popular Ten Photovoltaic Enterprise