WiseAisle Micro Data Center

IDC data centers are responsible for company and operator core services and are the platforms that implement value chain management. Therefore there are high standards on security, reliability and operation efficiency on these data centers. Traditional data center construction and operation and maintenance methods are unable to satisfy the developing requirements while the new modularized data centers has become an important development trend for new generation data centers. Kehua released the KeCloud micro module data center solution according to the application requirements of different clients.

WiseAisle Micro Data Center
IT cabinet quantity≤48
Cabinet powertypical  value2.2~4.4kWSingle cabinet power > 10kW(optional)
InstallationSupport   leveling or esd floor  installationCold aisle   independent frame installation  (optional)
Anchor frameHigh 250mm, adjustable (optional)
Power distribution systemN+1、2N
 Access controlAutomatic sliding glass doors, sliding/rotating sliding glass doors, partition mesh doorsFace recognition or fingerprint all-in-one machine, support face/ fingerprint/password /IC card and   other  modes
Flip skylightFlip glass skylights and support fire   control  linkage
Smart lightLED lamp, PIR sensor
Smart atmosphere lightSmart atmosphere light,Alarm linkage   discoloration
StandardsIEC 60297-1、GB/T 19520.1
Rated capacityIntegrated UPS: max 150kVA; independent UPS:  200kVA
Frequency range40~70Hz
Input voltage range80~280Vac
input voltage380/400/415Vac,50/60Hz,3Ph+N+PE
Input PF≥0.99
Output PF1
Input THDi≤3%
Power distribution
Input distributionATS,MCCB
output distributionIntegrated   IT cabinet: max 24*2, supporting air   conditioner, the channels can be customized
 DetectionSupport the detection of voltage, current, air switch state, apparent power, active power,   electrical energy; Bus temperature   (optional)
 AlarmSupports overvoltage or undervoltage alarms of the main circuit, overcurrent alarms, frequency   abnormal alarms, single-power   failure alarms, and three-phase imbalance  alarms
Battery cabinet (in line)
Backup time15min,30min optional
Battery quantity32*12V single cabinet
Intelligent temperature control20~30℃(optional)
Battery monitorMonitors the   internal resistance, voltage, and temperature of each battery
air conditioner in row
System cooling capacity25kW/40kW/50kW
sensible heat factor≥0.99
 Dimension of indoor unit300×2000×1200mm(25kW)600×2000×1200mm(40kW)600×2000×1200mm(50kW)
freezing mediumR410A
HMI10/21 inches touch screen
Monitor systemTemperature,   humidity, smoke, temperature, camera, audible and visual alarms, SMS alarms, and   water leakage  detection

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