Myria Series 60-200kW

Online Transformer-less UPS Myria Series 60-200kW

Modify Your Reliable Intelligent and Agile UPS system

Designed for data center and industries of finance, telecom, education, transportation, medical etc.

Myria Series 60-200kW

High Reliability

• Wide input voltage and frequency range with high grid adaptability and prolong battery life.
• Separate internal air channel which hot air drives directly towards heat sink without distressing the PCB's and other internal sensitive components, improving the components service life and UPS reliability
• High overload capacity on inverter and bypass
• The most advanced and dual DSP control prevents single failure point and increase performance.
• Intelligent fan control and redundant design: 15% load can be driven when 2 fans fail and 40% load when 1 fan fails
• Integrated with input,output,bypass breaker and manual bypass switch for better protection of system.
• All-round conformal coating to all PCB boards, protect electronics from environmental effection and corrosion.
• Lithium battery compatible

Green Power

• Advanced IGBT and three level technology, Low harmonic, high efficiency, effectively energy-saving.
• High power density design, which small footprint on 100KW only 0.38m² for saving installation space.
• High input power factor up to 0.99 and low Input THDi: < 3.0% at full load, much less grid pollution and costs
• AC/AC efficiency up to 96.5% and 30% load up to 95% efficiency reduces heat dissipation and limits power consumption costs
• ECO mode efficiency up to 99.2% lead to significant cost reduction
• W-ECO mode could reach 98.5% efficiency, THDi below 5% and transfer time below 4ms to reduce TCO.

Intelligent Management

• Fault Trace Management (FTM) for convenient failure analysis (waveform record before & after of the fault point for 200ms) which easily figure out faulty point.
• 3 stage battery charging prolong the service life of batteries
• Intelligent battery management and mutiple setting, ±14~±24 pcs batteries per string allow customers to get the faulty battery out instead of replacing it
• Key components pre-alarm function which precaution the system fault and remind service for key components, like capacitor, fan.
• Full asset management record the spare parts replacement, timeline and service people.

User-friendly Interface

• User-friendly double physical ON/OFF button design to avoid false operation.
• User-friendly graphical interface with Single-line mimic diagram showing system status.
• Colorful 4.3" and 7" touch screen with LED Indicators, ensure comprehensive and visualized information display.
• Multicolor LED bar allowing quick and easy detection of the system status and simplified troubleshooting.
• Multi-language build-in display with Chinese, English, French,Spanish,Italian,Polish, Russian,Korean.

Voltage (Vac)380/400/415 (138~485 L-L)
Frequency (Hz)40~70
Power Factor≥0.99
THDi at full   linear load<3% (linear load)
Bypass Voltage (Vac)380/400/415
Voltage Range-20% (-10%/-15%/-30%selectable)/+15% (10%/20%/25% selectable)
Overload≤130%: long run;130%< load ≤150%: 5min; 150%<   load ≤200%: 1s; 200%< load≤300%: 100ms; >300%:  immediately.
Capacity (kW)60100200
Power Factor1 (0.5 leading to 0.5 lagging)
Voltage (Vac)380/400/415±1%
Frequency (Hz)50/60±0.1% (Battery mode)
Three Phase Difference≤1%
WaveformPure sine wave, THDv<1% at linear load,THDv<3% at non-linear  load
Transfer Time (ms)0
AC-AC Efficiencyup to 96.5%
Overload101-105% Long run, 106-110% load for 60 minutes,111%-125% load for 10 minutes, 126%-150% load for 1 minute, over 150% load transfer to bypass
Battery Voltage (Vdc)±192(±168 ~±288 adjustable)±240(±168 ~±288 adjustable)
Battery TypeExternal
Charging Current (A) MAX3060
Communication InterfaceRS232, RS485,   MODBUS, dry contact( BMS,SNMP, expend dry contact   card are optional in slot)
Display4.3" Touch screen+LED+LED bar7" Touch screen+LED+LED bar
AlarmAC input abnormal, low   battery, overload,  failure
ProtectionOutput short-circuit, overload, over-temperature, battery low   voltage, output over/low   voltage
Noise (dB)<65<70
Altitude(m)0-2000 no derate. 2000-3000 m derate power by 1 % per each   100 m  increase
Working Temperature (°C)0 ~ 40 no derate,40~50 auto derate.
Relative Humidity0 ~ 95%, no condensation
Dimension (W×D×H)(mm)400×960×1200600×1000×1600
Weight (kg)145161312

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