Kehua Empowers the Winter Olympic Games 2022 with Hydrogen Power

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"Carbon-neutral" definitely has been the keyword in the Winter Olympic Games 2022. Clean energy has been used for all the electricity in the venues and vehicles in the competition area mainly adopts clean power. Clean energy vehicles account for 100% of passenger cars and 85.84% of all vehicles.

The support vehicles in core areas of competition zones in Zhangjiakou will all adopt hydrogen fuel cell buses, including buses, medium buses, and other models. Kehua took part in the large-scale key technology and application demonstration project of “Wind Power+PV+Energy Storage” complementary hydrogen production in Chongli (hereinafter referred to as "Chongli project”). The project provides hydrogen energy for more than 600 hydrogen-powered vehicles competition zones in Zhangjiakou during the Winter Olympic Games. After the Games, the project will continue to produce hydrogen for more than 400 hydrogen-powered vehicles in Zhangjiakou.


Chongli project adopts Kehua’s 1500V DC coupling micro-grid solution, which is the world's first “Wind Power+PV+Energy Storage” complementary hydrogen production project based on a high-efficiency DC micro-grid. Seizing the chance of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Chongli project shows the world the technological level of China's renewable energy and hydrogen fuel industry. It reflects China's role as a big country that shoulders the responsibilities on the road of carbon neutralization.

Based on the application characteristics of the project and the needs of customers, Kehua’s 1500V DC coupling micro-grid solution adopts an integrated design. The solution integrated DC to DC converter, energy storage battery system, cooling air conditioning, and firefighting system to ensure the safety of the system to the full extent. As the main control unit for system stability and mode conversion, Kehua’s 1500V DC coupling micro-grid solution controls the DC bus voltage through the converter in the off-grid mode of the system to maintain the stability of the system voltage. In the on-grid mode, the converter executes power to schedule command.


The system achieves the efficient and stable operation of the "Wind Power+PV+Energy Storage” complementary hydrogen production energy interconnection system through intelligent regulation, economic operation technology, and advanced energy management methods of Kehua’s energy storage system. It makes maximum use of renewable energy, ensures the economic efficiency and high reliability of the whole energy interconnection system, and serves as a model for promoting the efficient operation of “Wind Power+PV+Energy Storage” complementary hydrogen production.


With green transportation services, the Winter Olympic Games 2022 can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by about 11000 tons, equivalent to the annual carbon sequestration of more than 50000 mu of forest.

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