High-reliable Turnkey PV+ESS Solution Helps the Rapid Development of Standardization in the Energy Storage Industry

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On October 11th, the 8th Global Solar + Energy Storage Conference & Expo opened in Wuxi, China. Chen Sixiong, President of Kehua Tech, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.


Mr. Chen said: "The solar industry has ushered in new opportunities for rapid development. According to the prediction of professional organizations, by 2050, more than 90% of the electric energy will come from zero-carbon energy, mainly photovoltaic and wind power. As an important support of the new power system with new energy as the main body, the energy storage industry has a great potential for development."

Energy storage application scenarios can be divided into energy storage at the generation side, grid side and user side. Mr. Chen predicted that the first two, driven by policies and business models, will develop in an orderly manner, while the user-side energy storage application, driven by the market and innovative technologies, will develop rapidly.

Mr. Chen continued: "Kehua follows the development trend of the industry, deeply participates in the integration of energy storage systems, and provides turnkey standardized PV+ESS solutions including PV inverter, PCS and micro-grid system with the help of 33 years’ experience in R&D, manufacturing and engineering of power electronics. At the same time, Kehua also attaches great importance to the safety design of batteries from the perspective of energy storage systems, and provides the high economy, reliability and safety of the energy storage system throughout its life cycle, provide super-high-value solutions to end users ".

In the speech, Mr. Chen said that Kehua will, by taking advantage of the company's core resources, focus on the development of new energy businesses such as optical storage, and help the development of global new energy undertakings with nuclear-level products and solutions, so as to provide the world with clean energy to make positive contributions to the development of new energy industry and the achievement carbon neutrality

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