iStoragE3 Series

Three-phase ESS

iStoragE3 Series 


iStoragE3 Series


■ Built-in EMS function with multi-mode operation (achieves energy independence)
■ Real uninterruptible power supply, switching time<10ms
■ Stronger back up power up to 20kW


■ All-in-one design
■ Modular installation & Quick plug connector
■ Multiple battery expansion& Multiple system expansion


■ Physical and electrical dual isolation
■ Modular fire protection integration
■ AFCI function integration (optional)


■ Multi-point real-time monitoring, adaptive SOC management
■ PACK-level battery management, active balance of charging and discharging
■ Intelligent energy management with weather forecast function

ItemsiStoragE3 5KiStoragE3 6KiStoragE3 8KiStoragE3 10KiStoragE3 12K
DC Input (PV)
Recommended Max. PV input power23kWp29kWp
Max. PV input   voltage1000Vdc
No. of MPPTs2
No. of PV strings   per MPPT1/12/1
Max. PV input   current16A/16A27A/16A
Max. short   current20A/20A34A/20A
MPPT voltage   range150~900Vdc
Starting voltage180Vdc
DC (PV) switchYes
DC Input   (Battery)
Battery voltage range650~900Vdc
AC Input and   Output (On-grid)
Rated AC output power5kW6kW8kW10kW12kW
Rated AC output voltage380/400Vac,   3W/N/PE
Grid voltage range323-418Vac/340-440Vac
Max. output current7.9A9.6A12.8A16A17.4A
Max. input current14.4A17.4A23.2A26A26A
Rated grid frequency50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency range45~55Hz/55~65Hz
Power factor>0.99 (rated   power)
Adjustable power factor0.8 (leading)~0.8 (lagging)
THDi<3% (rated   power)
AC Output   (Back-up)
Rated AC output voltage380/400Vac,   3W/N/PE
Rated output frequency50/60Hz
Rated output power5kW6kW8kW10kW12kW
Peak output power12kW, 60s20kW, 60s
Peak output current18.2A, 60s30.4A, 60s
Switch time1<10ms (without   parallel), <300ms (parallel)
Support the   unbalance loadYes
Max. efficiency98.3%
European   efficiency97.5%
Weight27kg/59.52lb   (including side plates))
Dimension (W*H*D)800*400*200mm/31.49*15.75*7.87in   (including side plates)
Enclosure typeIP65
CertificationEN IEC 62109-1/2, EN IEC 61000-6-1/2/3/4, EN 50549-1 NC RfG, PPDS,CEI   0-21, VDE AR-N-4105, VDE V 0124-100, TOR Erzeuger Typ A

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