BCS 75~125K-B-HM

Modular Energy Storage Converter



BCS 75~125K-B-HM

High Efficiency

■ Standard container design, integrated fire fighting, lighting, heat dissipation, etc.
■ IP 54 protection, suitable for extreme outdoor environment ■ Advanced three-level technology, max. inverter efficiency99.03%
■ 110% long-time overload
■ Advanced midpoint potential control technology effectively reduces ripple voltage and improves the service life of film capacitors
■ Intelligent fault wave recording and online upgrade function


■ Light module design, easy for installation and O&M
■ Multi-unit parallel connection technology
■ Independent fan modular design
■ IP65 and C5 anti-corrosion grade, high environmental adaptability

System Integration

■ Integrated with battery system, turnkey solution
■ Integrated with BMS system and UPS unit, ensures stable operation of battery system
■ Built-in DC pre-charging function, easy access for battery system, plug and play

Power Grid Adaptability

■ High/Low voltage ride-through function
■ PF control and SVG function