BCS 100~500K-A

Three-phase Energy Storage Converter (Isolated Type)


BCS 100~500K-A

High Efficiency

■ Integrated output isolation transformer
■ With bidirectional converter to charge or discharge batteries
■ Optional modes for charging, including constant current charging, equalized charging and floating charging

Power Grid Adaptability

■ Meeting the smart grid design specification and allowing power grid dispatching
■ Advanced islanding detection technology
■ Reactive power compensation and other functions
■ Off-Grid independent operation

System Characteristics

■ Completely isolation of batteries from the power grid
■ Charging and discharging time setting for 12 segments, better for customer's on-site applications
■ On/off grid switching time: general conditions <200ms; zero transition can be achieved under specific conditions (external connection of SCR)
■ Four periods of time (peak, flat, valley and sharp) price setting, flexible calculation of user profitability