Monitoring Solution for Finance Industry

Multiple controls & monitoring included provinces, city & state. Capable for web access

Centralize Multi-UPS monitoring, no affecting system operating even up to 1000 points of network monitoring

High reliability

One-stop hardware design, support various firmware selection solution

Perfect Application: Introducing off-line maps operating mode, monitoring and display mode, support up to 5 fault alarms, provides , reliable system operating & history log capability, support multi-languages.

Modular design: support most SNMP application, self develop WiseIDC-A, WiseIDC-B for Host Monitoring. Increase product integration for different category & application.

LTMJ Technology: the monitoring software system is stand reliable, low power consumption Linux platform. Web services platform using highly efficient WEB + JSP service platform, the database using the most advanced and efficient network database Mysql.

Variety of Fault alarms: fault alarm can be set according to the needs of several of user or equipment. Fault alarm such as voice, SMS, email, Audible alarm、Multimedia alarm and so on.

Excels for analysis

Redundancy: support redundancy, reliability at 99.99%. 24/7 service & technical support.

Support dynamic connection to the SNMP.