Monitoring solution for Wise series Data Solution

Monitor for Wise-S modular data center

Wise-S modular data center concept is a fully cover design, integrated design consists of power distribution, cooling system, cabinets, fire fighting, modular monitoring system. Flexibility combination design application on server, KVM, router & switches/hub.

Monitor for Wise-M modular data center

The idea of Wise-M modular data center is “Products & Assembly & Service”. It integrates all units into a 19 inch rack, to become a smart Micro-data center. The Centralized monitoring can meet the customer demand of data monitoring and management, power expansion and upgrading, etc., reducing the failure rate.

Monitor for Wise-I modular data center

Wise-I modular solution: integration of Power distribution, racks, air-conditioning, monitoring, cabling & fire fighting system into One-stop system. To achieve IDC data center with full features, as well as the monitoring system.