Monitoring Solution for Solar Power

Support APP+WEB access: user can access via computer or mobile web browser and mobile APPs for the remote monitoring.

Smart fault alarm analysis feature: all types of fault alarms can be distributed via Solar smart monitoring platform and Centralized Operations Cloud platform. Various methods of fault alarm: ①Voice ②Audible ③Email ④ SMS ⑤Telephone ⑥Video

Data statistical analysis, according to user needs on the existing data for statistics, generate day, week, month, year and other statistical reports, to provide users with the most intuitive data analysis and guidance of the proposed treatment.

Management and Maintenance Platform: operation and maintenance platform, sub-station data can be accessed through the WEB, the user can operate with the permission access the WEB system and execute the parameter configuration.

Power station access convenient, diverse ways to support Ethernet, fiber optic, ADSL telephone lines, WIFI, GPRS access.

The sub-station access convenient. Only the local station's project backup tool can be used to export the data of the local station, and then it can be imported into the Operation Management Platform. The configuration is simple and efficient. The use of standardized network communication protocol, easier for third-party.