Financial Solution

The banking system are full of PC’s, IT networks, server rooms, communication rooms, call centre , data center to trade successfully and efficiently. These are not only affected by power failures, but also by the voltage surge, noise, frequency drift, etc. which can shorten the lifespan of expensive equipment and waste valuable time and money. Kehua UPS solutions protect the ICT system ideally.


In Russia, Kehua KR and FR-UK series UPS system has successfully provided reliable power for the local bank’s security system.

Bank of China: from 1990, Kehua supply more than 21,000 sets of UPS (0.5~80kVA ), battery, cabinet and system solutions, products throughout the country.

China Construction Bank: Kehua provided more than 27,000 sets of UPS (0.5~100 kVA ), battery, etc. since 1990s. The product throughout the provinces, city data center room, information system security, branch business, ATM etc.

Agricultural Bank of China: Kehua provided more than 24,000 sets of UPS (0.5-200 kVA), since 1990s.