Energy Storage System SPH Series (2-5kW)

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Intelligent Communication

• Monitoring through WiFi

• Cloud-base Monitoring Service

• RS485 and USB communication ports

Smart Energy Management

• Smart self EMS for all operating mode

• Daily/Monthly/Total energy generation logs

• Full protection function

• Maximize self-consumption, lower your bills

Lithium-ion Battery

• 10 years plus lifetime

• Capacity modularly extended from 2 to 9.6kWh

• Accordant appearance for whole system

• Intelligent BMS

Backup Power

• Load power backed-up at grid interruption

• User-adjustable charging setting for different battery

• Battery DC/AC efficiency: 94.8%

Value-added Services

• Maximize self-consumption via internal sensing, can also add CT or Smart Meter to increase precision for option

• Lead-acid battery for option

• Power distribution cabinet

Item SPH2000-B, SPH3000-B, SPH3600-B, SPH5000-B
Max. Efficiency 0.97
Max. DC Usable Power 2200W, 3300W, 4000W, 5500W
MPPT Number 2
Full Power MPPT Voltage Range 200V~480V, 200V~480V, 200V~480V, 160V~550V
Rated AC Active Power 2000W, 3000W, 3600W, 4600W
Rated Output Voltage 220/230/240V
Communication ports RS485/Ethernet (optional) / GPRS (optional)
Battery Capacity 2kWh~9.6kWh
Battery Rated Voltage 192V, 192V, 192V, 48V
Certificate VDE0126-1-1 VDE-AR-N4105 G83 IEC62109-1 IEC62109-2 EN61000-6-3 EN61000-6-2

Energy Storage System SPH Series (2-5kW)